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Inception Vs Lathe of Heaven

“Inception” is a 2010 blockbuster starring A-list talent. “Lathe of Heaven” was a cheaply-made movie based on a book by Ursula K. Le Guin. There are a variety of similarities between them, though each has its strong points.

Spoiler warning: we’re spoiling everything.

The Greatest Conservative Films: Magnum Force (1973)

Editor’s Note: In April of 2017 writer Eric M. Blake began a series at Western Free Press naming the “Greatest Conservative Films.” The introduction explaining the rules and indexing all films included in the series can be found here. Liberty Island will feature cross-posts of select essays from the series with the aim of encouraging discussion at this cross-roads of cinematic art with political ideology. (Click here to see the original essay. Check out the previously cross-posted entries on Jackie Brown, Captain America: The First AvengerCaptain America: The Winter Soldier, Captain America: Civil WarUnforgivenHail, Caesar!, Apocalypse Now, Fight Club, Man of Steel, Batman v. Superman: Dawn Of Justice ULTIMATE EDITION, Wonder Woman, Kill BillGran Torino The Dark KnightThe Dark Knight RisesBlazing Saddles, The Magnificent Seven, Shaft, and Dirty Harry.) If you would like join this dialogue please contact us at submissions [@] libertyislandmag.com.

“At least 24 dead, another 13 wounded. Survivors describe one man, wearing a JI uniform, opening fire…”

Here’s an excerpt from page 69, the start of chapter 6…

Join the adventure of Justice, Inc by J.P. Medved; pick it up today on Amazon!


New Humor Essay: I Am Joe’s Elevated PSA

Part 2 in the Odyssey of Carlos Stranger…

In our last installment we covered how erectile dysfunction medications can give male oldsters of any age a new lease on life in the bedroom. But there’s more than reinvigorated sexuality to reckon with for previously single senior men who are for whatever reason embarking upon an intimate romantic relationship.

Following are a few random pointers, various and sundry data to guide the graying male demographic as they seek to navigate this reprised foray in to what was in their day known as “the battle of the sexes.” Note: nobody won.

Great Moments in Global Warming

Great Moments in Chaos and Order, Part II: Come In From the Cold

In Gangster Town, book three of my American Blackout series, a courtroom drama weaves inside the main storyline of slavery’s return. On trial is a university professor who’s been accused of being skeptical of manmade global warming and not sufficiently aggressive in implanting in her students the meme that the debate’s over. In this fictional world of society’s collapse after an EMP attack and people dying of starvation, disease, and at the hands of criminal enterprises, the leaders in Cincinnati still find the energy to pump up their kangaroo court in rare moments of stability.

Click here for Part 1 of this series, “From the Big Bang to Sinatra’s ‘Night and Day.’” Purchase Gangster Town here on Amazon. Also check out this sample from Pulse of the Goddess: American Blackout Book 1 and the opening chapters from book 2, Slaves Beneath the Stars.

PreTeena: November 19 – November 25, 2018

Sunday Comics!

You won’t want to miss these hilarious cartoons depicting the ups and downs of adolescence. Now each week’s strips will debut on Sundays as the lead strip of Liberty Island’s Sunday Comics feature. If you draw a comic and would like to have your work featured on Sundays, please contact us: [email protected] Check out Allison Barrows’ new PreTeena blog here.

3 Photos of Zion in Autumn

*Submit your photographs of nature and the outdoor life to [email protected] to participate in this weekly feature exploring the natural world.*

Prometheus VS Mission to Mars

“Prometheus” was the expensive attempt to create a prequel to “Alien” and “Aliens”. “Mission to Mars” was an expensive, earlier movie that YouTuber “Computing Forever” ranked one of the five worst science fiction movies of the last twenty years. Since I love science fiction, I’ve seen both in the movie theater, though given the “Mission to Mars” box office returns, I cannot be unique in this regard. I may be unique for preferring “Mission to Mars” to “Prometheus.” Let’s compare the two movies and how they relate to each other.

A Thanksgiving Salute

November brings the confluence of three anniversaries – the birthday of the United States Marine Corps on November 10, Veteran’s Day on November 11, and of course, Thanksgiving. There was a passenger onboard the Mayflower who could be honored upon all three. He was a soldier of fortune who, in between wars, took pity upon these hapless farmers and artisans we call Pilgrims – who were armed with faith but little else – and agreed to accompany them to the new world as military advisor. He was the only one who did not get sick that first brutal winter (half of them died, including his wife, Rose) and so he tended to all the others, especially William Bradford, who would soon serve as governor for most of the remainder of his life and become his life-long friend. The calm, thoughtful Bradford and this fiery-tempered soldier formed a partnership that not only allowed New Plymouth to survive, but eventually thrive. That soldier’s name was Myles Standish.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Liberty Island wishes all our friends and readers a very wonderful Thanksgiving today!

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