In Gangster Town, book three of my American Blackout series, a courtroom drama weaves inside the main storyline of slavery’s return. On trial is a university professor who’s been accused of being skeptical of manmade global warming and not sufficiently aggressive in implanting in her students the meme that the debate’s over. In this fictional world of society’s collapse after an EMP attack and people dying of starvation, disease, and at the hands of criminal enterprises, the leaders in Cincinnati still find the energy to pump up their kangaroo court in rare moments of stability.

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My courtroom drama is simply a reflection of real life folks — scientists, writers, and politicians who have been under attack for years for not attending services at the church of global warming. One writer at The Nation has called for the jailing of deniers, a term that is as hokey as their faux religion. Bill Nye, “the science guy,” a deacon of the movement, also advocates imprisonment for deniers. Al Gore, high priest of manmade global warming, has said: “We need to put a price on denial in politics.” While writing this piece, I learned that Governor Jerry Brown of California is holding climate deniers responsible for the tragic fires in his state.

The most recent recipient of mob punishment is Lennart Bengsston, a well-known Swedish meteorologist, who though a believer in manmade global warming, joined a skeptical think tank (The Global Warming Policy Foundation) after years of data collection bore little resemblance to scary predictions made for the end of the twentieth century. Whereas, non-scientist Al Gore routinely predicts mankind’s demise, gets it wrong, stays on course, and then informs us, the great unwashed, that the climate gods have stayed our execution for another decade so that we can contemplate our sins and make our penance.

Worldwide pressure forced Bengsston to resign from the think tank within weeks. His North American publisher abandoned him. Marxists have always known that those most dangerous to their cause are the followers who do not support their goals one hundred percent. If one only believes 80% of a sham religion, the religion can be damaged by the internal doubt and self-examination of a single person. Bengsston is a lot more dangerous to the movement of global warming than say atmospheric physicist Richard Lindzen, who unabashedly fights the warming enthusiasts with knowledge, empirical evidence, and common sense. Doctor Lindzen is not “underfoot” and can more easily be ignored or destroyed at a distance.

The religion of global warming has been taught for decades in our schools, while Hollywood and the media continue to create disaster storylines suited for the comic pages as they airbrush away any opposition. Religious fanatics of the pseudoscience chase down the offenders like Dionysus’ gals, the Maenads, who run through the forest tearing apart their enemies.

Brave scientists like Lennart Bengsston have Western Civilization at their backs. Through observation and discipline, they’ll continue to bring Apollonian light into the painstaking process of scientific research.

I almost forgot to mention the cause of global temperatures slightly rising and falling—the sun. It seems that the record of sunspot variability since the end of the 19th century shows earth temperatures matching nearly perfectly the changes in sunspot activity—greater sunspot activity and the sun gets hotter, and so goes the earth. The empirical evidence for cooling works just as well when sunspots become scarce. The solar wind also plays its part by influencing cloud formation. An increase in sunspot activity makes for a stronger solar wind that affects the atmosphere and reduces cloud cover and further warms the planet.

Great moments in civilization have been nicely timed with a much warmer world than we have today: pyramid building, circa 3000 BC; Athens and the flowering of western genius, 700BC; the Vikings farming the southern part of Greenland during the Medieval Warm Period beginning about 900 AD. Gothic architecture and cathedral building follows by the twelfth century due to the longer growing seasons delivering more food for the spiritually ambitious Christians, allowing their craftsmen and artists to flourish in their art.

The earth will always be slammed with hurricanes, typhoons, earthquakes, and volcanic eruptions, yet a warmer world would bring more comfort and abundance of food and resources. With more rainfall, less severe storms, and the greening of deserts, mankind might just enjoy a taste of heaven on earth.

Take a moment and read Lennart Benggston’s letter of resignation here.


Photo by geralt (Pixabay)