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Every quest involves a band of intrepid companions: Jason and his Argonauts … Frodo and the Fellowship of the Ring … James T. Kirk and the crew of the Enterprise. Liberty Island invites you to join a Fellowship of Liberty — a gathering of writers and readers, artists, critics and viewers who share a love of great stories and a common dedication to the defense and explication of American ideals. Together they make up not just a community but the core a new counterculture. Liberty Island offers two kinds of […]


. . . . The boy begins to cry. "Papa, stop. You’re making me sad. Are all the good guys gone?" Looking through the gray skies toward the ashen Lincoln Memorial, where an ape sits in Abe’s chair, the man replies sadly, "Yes, son." They sat in silence for some time, gazing at their dilapidated world until the boy spoke again. "Papa, things just don’t make sense." Papa’s heart dropped into his empty stomach. He took his eyes off the gray sky and set them on the boy. "How so, […]

I’m the Constitution, Dammit!

The Constitution slammed his empty shot glass on the mahogany counter. Stammered sputters gave way to slow slurred speech. "Gimme another, Joe. A double." "Hey, buddy, you been at it all night. How ’bout a breather?" "Last I checked I’m still the law of this land, dammit." "All right, take it easy." The bartender flipped the whiskey bottle and poured. "But I’m cutting you off after this." He waited as the final amber drops dripped into the glass, and then he tossed the bottle into the trash. The governing document […]

Missing Dogs, Heads, Hands, etc.

"This better be good," I snarled. "Do you know what time it is?" "Oh, it’s good." The voice chuckled on the other end of the line. "Now be quiet and listen. You’ve been asking questions that bother Mr. Louis. He doesn’t like being bothered. So we need to come to an understanding. This morning. Seven o’clock at the docks, at Mr. Louis’s place." "And if I don’t?" I growled. "If I think you’re full of–" "You’re in no place to argue, Mr. Murphy. We have her." "Her?" But he had […]

Missing Dogs, Heads, Hands, etc.

"Mr. Murphy?" The voice floated through the open door. The voice from the phone. Smooth, polite, educated. The voice of someone I’d feel much more comfortable about if I could fire a few hollow-points into him first. I sidled up to the door and took a quick peek through. It was just a hallway opening up into what looked like another warehouse space. "Come in, Mr. Murphy. We are–ah–men of peace." Stacks of wooden boxes lined one wall. A forklift rested idle in one corner. A man sat in a […]

Missing Dogs, Heads, Hands, etc.

Fleur de Lis was hopping. The place was packed with the usual rabble. Rich people looking bored, eyeing other rich people and wondering who was richer. The maitre d’, Francois, oiled over. He did a bit of coughing in French. "Got something caught in your throat?" "No, monsieur." "Fighting a cold?" "No, monsieur. My cough merely meant you might consider patronizing some other dining establishment. Overjoyed as I am to see you, Fleur de Lis is not the place for you. Your clothing is not–how do we say?–not in harmony […]

Missing Dogs, Heads, Hands, etc.

Ye Olde Worlde Fudge Company was a dark, gloomy place. It smelled of butter and chocolate and rum and nuts and dust. A glass counter ran alongside the inner walls. It was full of fudge. Trays and trays piled with slabs of fudge. A face peered over the counter. An old woman with a face as wrinkled as the raisins in her rum fudge. "May I help you, sir?" she said. "I was thinking about buying some fudge." I wandered down the length of the cabinet. Her face followed me, […]