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PreTeena September 28-October 4, 2015

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The Magic Gun

"And Allah is the best of plotters." "Oh Father! We are surrounded by infidels! Why did we come here?" Ishmael whines again, this time within his father’s hearing. Ishmael’s father gives the boy a meaty smack upside the head, this causes the boy to see Djinn rapidly dance around him. "We have come to conquer these unbelievers. They need to be taught the True Path!" Marid bin Hussein al-Tikrit screams in the empty prayer room of their house. Ishmael sees his vision start to clear with fewer Djinn hovering around […]

Hell is Other People: Liberty Island’s Halloween Short Fiction Contest

While we agree that election season is spooky enough, we still want to bring some true Halloween terror to Liberty Island this year. The theme of this year’s Halloween Horror Short Fiction Contest is family. That is, your assignment is to work family relationships into the plot in some way. We leave the how up to you; but make sure to retain the horror element and integrate the themes as closely as possible. In short, make it hard for our judges sleep at night after reading your entry… Entries should […]

PreTeena September 21-27, 2015

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PreTeena September 14-20, 2015

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September 2015 Release

Fall is sneaking up on us, but whether you’re clinging to the dregs of summer or looking forward to the glut of pumpkin options, you’re bound to enjoy our latest offering of stories! ‘Nauts — Episode 2: Ox-Bow International by Kevin Rush "So you’re telling this hundred million dollar contract ain’t fit to wipe my saddle sores?!" Cornell tossed the NASA contract, as thick as a small town phone book, onto his desk. He had asked his Chief Counsel, Mr. Melville, to review the document again. If he could squeeze […]

PreTeena September 7-13, 2015

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Gong’s scream from the living room blew ice through David’s ribcage, snapping his head back. He lunged one step in the direction of the living room before checking himself. How should he play this? She’s found the body, he thought, somehow Hector screwed up and she found her uncle’s body, or a telltale blood spatter. He’d done his part; as fumbling as his performance might have been, he’d gotten back to the girl’s townhouse, found the alarm system, affixed the transponder, and had retired to Gong’s bedroom to collect his […]

MahnAz had not expected to be pulled off duty for a performance review. Especially so close to six o’clock. If quitting time wasn’t sacred in this godforsaken backwater, what was? "Please, um, take off your hat," the Director of Research requested. "Sit." The blond, bespectacled–what else begins with B?–did likewise. Behind her oh-so-important desk. MahnAz removed her cap. The Director examined her from behind those ridiculously overlarge glasses. It was as if she’d tried on a slim pair of magnifiers and said, "Gee, these make me look smart… so these […]

‘Nauts — Episode 2: Ox-Bow International

Recap of Episode One Warning: Contains spoilers, so if you haven’t read Episode One yet, get the whole thing here. In the near future, despite the ever-present threat of global Islamic terrorism, billionaire Texan cattleman Cornell Westermann’s Lone Star Aerospace is pioneering private space exploration, as its competitor, Federated Space Flight, run by the sinister yet beautiful, D’Arcy Sinclair, uses political machinations, including an injunction from the federal EPA, to try to drive Lone Star out of business. On a mission to rescue astronauts from the International Space Station, damaged […]