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Week Thirty-Three: The Halloween Party

Running for Congress is a momentous responsibility. People don’t realize all of the tough decisions that a candidate in the midst of a tough-fought political campaign has to face. Of course, you have a competent staff to help you, and a cadre of loyal supporters of volunteers, and of course it’s nice to know that […]

A Cold Cold Dish

She had been a beautiful child. This fact alone made it all the more puzzling that there existed but one photograph of her, and that one in black and white. She may be five in the picture, certainly not much older as she died before seven, of an accident I was told. And I shudder […]

PreTeena October 24-30, 2016

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Week Thirty-Two: The Trotsky Walkback

“I am proud to fight in this election. I am proud to fight because I am fighting under the banner of Marxism. I realize that’s not a popular banner to fight under in this country, but I intend to keep fighting it just the same. I am fighting for the proletariat against the capitalist oppressor. […]

PreTeena October 17-23

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Catharsis and Thanatos in Retromingent Critical Theory

Michael Moore tries his hand at philosophy. It doesn’t end well.

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Photo by david_shankbone

The Souls of Kymara

Certain that this creature was leading him to Abbadon, Dante slowed his pace briefly in order to arm himself with the Krvatch device. Then he sucked energy from his soulgate ring until his hands glowed brightly enough to light the way forward down the uneven and overgrown forest path. It wasn’t the most effective light, […]

The Souls of Kymara

First Adventure In a dark, lonely nook of the library, Dante sat in the light of an oil lamp, hunched over, with his eyes held close to the thick, yellowed pages of a large tome. Above him, the ground shook with a particularly loud rumble, and he looked up, taking a second to imagine how […]

PreTeena October 10-16

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