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An Interview with Theatre Director and Playwright Robert Cooperman

Robert Cooperman is the founder and president of Stage Right Theatrics. Stage Right Theatrics is a non-profit theater dedicated to promoting conservative-themed plays and artists. They present the annual Conservative Theatre Festival®, as well as produce original plays with conservative/traditional points of view.

Those Words That I Said

In 2021 Liberty Island is going to start publishing poetry more regularly. Interested in participating? Click here to contact us. We begin with this new offering from longtime LI poetry contributor Jamie Glazov.

Understanding Your Options for the Upcoming Dragon Awards

By Tamara Wilhite and Declan Finn

What Are the Dragon Awards?

The Dragon Awards are a set of literary awards voted on by fandom. They’re presented at Dragon Con, a convention typically held in Atlanta, Georgia over Labor Day weekend. The Dragon Awards were first awarded in 2016. It has become one of the largest multi-media and pop culture conventions in the United States.

NEW ESSAY: People in Boxes

It has been a little more than 18 years since my husband proposed to me in perhaps the least romantic way possible. But that’s not the story.

We are gamers and science fiction fans, which, as anyone who knows that segment of the population will attest, tend to be WOKE. And most of our friends were indeed Woke (the few exceptions were ex-Marines) and young. This means chaotic lifestyles, lots of partner switching, lots of atypical pairings – or triadings, if that’s a word. I knew three different MMF relationships, and there were always sleeping-around dramas going on somewhere.

In other words, our crowd were not the most maritally stable of people.