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PreTeena August 29 – September 4

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An excerpt from &quotSnakehand&quot

The town’s headlong rush to debauchery slowed as sunrise approached. The oil lamps were extinguished. The saloons shuttered. The star-shot sky above was giving way to a salmon colored dawn. Joe Wiley made his last pass along the main drag, kicking drunks awake. Telling them if they didn’t have a place to stay then at […]

Week Twenty-Eight: The Passport Agency

"You need to turn left," Emma said. "Why do I need to turn left?" I asked. "I know exactly where this place is." "Because I said so," she said. We were in downtown Philadelphia, with baby Richie asleep in his car seat in the back of the Prius. I was headed south on 2nd Street, […]

The Red Rose and the Briar

Jack Melton carried his coffee mug down the hallway at Melton, Norville, Jennings & Johnson toward Bill Norville’s office. Norville was the managing partner, and had buzzed Melton that he wanted him to join a meeting urgently. Bill had disconnected the call before Jack could ask why. As he neared the closed door to Norville’s […]

PreTeena August 22 – 28

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What Would Teddy Do?

Dawn was naked and sweating, trying to hold an Amazon warrior pose. I was sketching her, my pencil like a wisp of wind following the curls of her hair, the gold light dancing on her round belly, the curve of her toes. This was all I’d ever need, a beauty that blocked out the rude noises of the real world.

Why DragonCon Debuted The Dragon This Year

I suspect the 1635 and 1636 books will cancel each other out, or they’ll have to coordinate before they decide. 6. Best Apocalyptic Novel Ctrl Alt Revolt! by Nick Cole A Time to Die by Mark Wandrey Dark Age by Felix O. Hartmann Chasing Freedom by Marina Fontaine The Desert and the Blade by S.M. […]

Why DragonCon Debuted The Dragon This Year

DragonCon is a convention that takes place every year over the Labor Day weekend in downtown Atlanta, GA. It is, by all accounts, the largest sci-fi and fantasy convention on the planet Earth. If you don’t believe me, their minimum attendance every year is 60,000. It has been suggested that their attendance is over the […]

The Life and Death of Deadlier N. U.

Spencer and Lyle walked along the rural, unfinished road. Lyle picked up one of the loose stones that were all over it and then he threw it at one of the overhead power lines. He missed it. "Oh, man. I was that close," he said to Spencer. "And you didn’t think I’d come anywhere near […]

Week Twenty-seven: The Baby Bjorn

You need to stop doing that," Emma said. "I am not doing anything," I said. "I am just looking in the mirror." "With your shirt off," she pointed out. "I haven’t had time to put one on yet." "You are not fooling me one bit, Justin Trudeau-Fairchild." "Okay," I said. "You got me. I saw […]