For the last six months Liberty Island Books has been on hiatus while the editorial team and I developed plans for a relaunch. This has taken longer than the initial weeks anticipated because on September 16, 2021 I was the victim of criminal violence which has resulted in often debilitating Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder symptoms. Efforts to heal and pursue justice for the crimes committed against me have slowed down plans to begin publishing new titles. However, at this point I am ready to announce how we will move forward and the new team who will be aiding us in doing so.

Within the next 90 days the new name replacing Liberty Island Books will be announced along with details about the new approaches to publishing we will be utilizing. All titles currently available will remain in print, apart from a few which may be returned to the authors at their request for republishing elsewhere.

When Liberty Island Books relaunches with its new name, there will be two primary changes. First, we are going to shift to a non-profit publishing model, operating as a charity rather than as a for-profit business. Second, the new name will reflect a core shift in Liberty Island’s ideological identity, which is mirrored in my own growth and change as an activist, writer, editor, and publisher. We will no longer be a “conservative” or “right-wing” publisher emphasizing politics and ideology. Rather, we will be a faith-based publisher emphasizing Biblical ethics, Zionism, and an Abrahamic orientation. We will still publish books on a wide variety of subject matter, from fun genre titles to works of literature and poetry, to bold non-fiction cultural polemics and memoirs. However, rather than all contributors sharing a commitment to some form of “right-wing” ideology, now all authors will share an appreciation of Bible-based morals, commitment to the defense of the state of Israel, and an enthusiasm to bring together Jews, Christians, Muslims, and those of other spiritual traditions who share a respect for the children of Abraham and Sarah.

Reflecting this shift, we will also move forward with a change of personnel in our leadership team and editorial group. Vice President Jamie Wilson, Gen-Z Editor Alex Himebaugh, Horror and Thriller Editor Tom Weiss, and writer Chris Queen have chosen to separate from Liberty Island Books and launch their own for-profit publishing company, which will continue with Liberty Island’s initial focus on providing a publishing home for fiction writers of a broad range of “right-wing” political views. Liberty Island Books wishes them well in their future endeavors.

The two new leaders who will be offering their creative and professional expertise for Liberty Island’s faith-based resurrection are Mike Kilgore and Sally Shideler. Mike, who was responsible for many of Liberty Island’s covers and other artwork, will serve as the new publisher’s Vice President and Art Director, providing his unique and invigorating visual style to bring this new endeavor to life. Sally will serve as Vice President, Managing Editor, and Director of Marketing. Sally is my new primary writing and business partner, after having accepted my proposal of marriage in January. The last eight months have been difficult for me. I have mourned the deaths of my Zionist mentor Jack Saltzberg and Liberty Island’s senior columnist Tamara Wilhite. I have experienced painful violence on Yom Kippur of all days. And I have grappled with the challenges and disappointments of trying to figure out how to relaunch this publishing company in the months that followed. That this incredible relationship with Sally could emerge has been a unique and healing joy. Thank you Sally, for saving my life with your love and helping me move forward both personally and professionally. And thank you, Mike, for your sincere friendship and boundless creativity, which have both inspired me so much.

If you would like to aid with Liberty Island’s relaunch as a faith-based non-profit publisher as part of the leadership team, editorial team, contributing authors, or in other ways then please use the contact form below and let us know how you would like to help. We need all the help we can get!