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The Kevin Spacey Story: Now One of 2017’s Most Acclaimed Movies

Year End Top Ten Lists: Authentic Glimpses into the Zeitgeist or Self-Congratulatory Liberal Circle Jerk? You Decide.

Speaking of throwing off your chains… it’s important to recognize how powerful film and television are at creating the functional mythos of our time. They are being overtaken by social media/web sources, but the effect is similar: A story is told repeatedly that supposedly explains the true workings of the world – think of the hold the Catholic Church had on intellectual and daily life in the Middle Ages – and through repetition, it becomes accepted as defacto reality.

A New LI Series Debuts: Griff’s Culture Dispatches from the Alamo

“Arise, Cultural Dupes! You have Nothing to Lose but Your Chains!”

The author of the Lonesome George Chronicles starts a new column dissecting culture high and low… Have you ever really, really thought about story? Have you ever thought about how story is the way we make sense of our life, the universe, and our place in it? The stories we tell ourselves have a real impact. “My dad neglected us, he was never home, and he missed all of my baseball games” paints a very different picture of reality than explaining your childhood by saying “My dad worked incredibly long hours so mom could stay at home, so we could live in a safe neighborhood, so there would be money for college for us kids.”

PreTeena: November 27 – December 3, 2017

Sunday Comics

You won’t want to miss these hilarious cartoons depicting the ups and downs of adolescence. Now each week’s strips will debut on Sundays as the lead strip of Liberty Island’s Sunday Comics feature. If you draw a comic and would like to have your work featured on Sundays, please contact us: [email protected]

New Fiction: The Regulars

A Touching Comedic Caper

“Dusty Pete” Stoyvanich took the stool at the end of the bar, Bill Middleton was in the middle, per his name and Benny C took the seat closest to where Sal stood behind the bar. The patronage of the bar had turned over a couple times since anyone knew what the “C” stood for, he had been just Benny C for so long. The guys did not pay for anything out of their pockets, the cost of their daily imbibing and dining was built into the rent for their apartments. The kind taxpayers of the great State of New York picked up the tab through the Section 8 money the three received each month…

PreTeena: November 13-30, 2017

You won’t want to miss these hilarious cartoons depicting the ups and downs of adolescence.

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Catharsis and Thanatos in Retromingent Critical Theory

Michael Moore tries his hand at philosophy. It doesn’t end well.

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