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PreTeena December 29-January 4, 2014

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Seasons Greetings! A Poem From Hillary: Entry #114

Dear Diary, I’ve written a poem for the holidays! It helps me get out my anger so much more constructively than shouting at the help or running over squirrels with the limousine. ‘Twas the night before Christmas (and Hanukah, too. And Kwanzaa and Solstice and whatever the hell else you want to do). Bill was a-gropin’; I was giving a speech. (It’s a quarter-mil fee, Bill. So now who’s the leach?) America’s thinking of good Christmas cheer but not me! I’m all about running next year. On the red side, […]

Chapter 3: Stealing Cars and Co-Ed Bars

A Girl, A Dog, A Boat Fiction by Audie Cockings Chapter Three: Stealing Cars and Co-Ed Bars The guys I dated before Todd weren’t anything to write home about. Seemingly pleasant company, but not engaging in a lifetime sort of way. And I had zero man-luck in med school. There were too many willing undergrad girls looking to land a doctor so the single males in med school were severely oversexed… I thought I was modern. A go-with-the flow kinda girl who wasn’t in a full-on sprint to coupledom. But […]

PreTeena December 22-28, 2014

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Editor’s note: this story contains graphic content that may disturb more sensitive readers. A figure sat on a low branch of a sprawling Sycamore tree in a small, cozy neighborhood. She watched lights go on in each house as the occupants went about their normal Christmas Eve night routines. Some opened presents, some had lavish dinners, and some simply rushed off to bed to wait for Santa Claus. She watched each house, but focused on one, a two story cream-colored home with a ridiculous number of festive lights. She listened […]

Water Like A Stone

Nobody knew where the guy came from. The triage nurse at Landstuhl Regional Medical Center’s emergency room had simply looked up from the computer to see a dark-skinned young man on a gurney, his white robe soaked with blood pouring from the gash across his throat, and called for help. Whatever had caused his injury had nearly taken his head off, so getting the bleeding stopped and the wound closed had been a major race against time, and his heart had stopped once or twice before the doctors could stabilize […]

Christmas Hits

Not waiting for the storm to let up, seventy-year old Caesar Vincenzo ran stiff legged, head down, from the car into the store. Soaked, he stood proudly inside his twelve-year-old business, Rex Appliances. With his fingers he combed back wet hair and noticed a young couple transfixed before three large plasma screens, two roaring with action movies and a third showing White Christmas, a holiday favorite that he planned on watching soon. He was smiling when the couple turned and withered at the sight of Caesar. Hair dyed black, barrel-chested […]

ELFILTRATED – A Tale of Deception

Gabe peered around the corner. The office door was wide open, the chair at the desk empty. It might be his last chance. He slipped off his green felt shoes, careful to silence the jingle bells attached to the toes. Sure, those bells were festive, but their jingle-jangling would alert the boss to his deception. He couldn’t risk that, not with so much at stake. Deep breath. You got this. He dashed across the open space in front of Clappy’s office at the exact moment that the Christmas lights went […]

Wild Turkey

"You won’t snooker me twice," said Chili. James Riggio gave his mouthful of Copper Bottom ale the attention it deserved before he swallowed and said, "I haven’t snookered you once." "Who owns the Hubbub Pub, you or me?" Before James could say word one, Chili bulled on. "And who has the recipe for Hubbub Chili, you or me?" "Who owns the recipe," James corrected. "You never even asked me for it until folks started calling you Chili. That’s when you decided you had hindsight squatter’s rights." He watched Chili in […]