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In Your Eyes

I saw it In your eyes. When words fail to speak goodbyes. When long passages await Our muffled cries. When roads traveled less. Must pass us by. On other sides. That hide goodbyes. And then it’s time For fortune’s clock arrived. Of borrowed time. And time to let the friendships die And be reawakened In another time. Where wounds and scrapes Become expired, priceless Wine. The anguish of goodbyes. Of that last meal to dine. When hearts doth crack and Tears drench tired eyes. The anguish of the ended miles. […]

The Cisco Writers Club’s 40th Annual Summer Writing Contest

Liberty Island will announce the winner of its Summer of Love writing contest soon, in the meantime, we encourage submissions to other contests and will be alterting you when we hear about worthwhile opportunities like the one from the Cisco Writers Club below: CISCO, TX, June 29, 2016 — The C.W.C. is pleased to announce the 40th Annual Summer Writing Contest. Five adult categories to choose from: Poetry, Publication Briefs, Articles, Short Stories, and Books. With a special Children Write! category for writers aged fifteen years old and under. WHEN: […]

PreTeena June 27-July 3 2016

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Week Twenty: The Maternal Instinct

It was the most difficult thing I had done since I had moved to New Jersey–far worse than anything I had experienced during the campaign. It was an intellectual challenge as much as a physical challenge. I had worked as hard as I could, going step by step through a complicated process with incomplete and confusing directions. But it wasn’t enough, and I had to stop midway. I was frustrated, sweaty, and in need of a nice, soothing glass of kombucha. “Are you finished putting that crib together?” Emma asked. […]

PreTeena June 20-26, 2016

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Preteena June 13-19, 2016

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Death in a Garden vs. Death in a Parking Lot

On Saturday, we ran our usual errands. The kids stayed in the truck with my dude while I ran into the mill for chicken feed. Inside was a teenage employee chasing the resident tabby who had a chirping young cardinal in her mouth. It was hot out, so the cat had brought the bird inside to feast on…but first she wanted to torment it. The bird was injured and not capable of flying, so the cat dropped it onto the floor and batted it around a bit as cats do. […]

Preteena June 6-12, 2016

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Week Nineteen: The Trending Topic

“Explain it to me just one more time,” I said. Polly looked at me in the way that always made the hairs on the back of my neck stand up. I thought about having them removed, but it turns out that it takes a long time and it hurts, so I decided to live with it. “Monday is Memorial Day,” she said. “Got that part.” “Memorial Day is for honoring the memory of dead servicemen. And women.” “And Veteran’s Day is what again?” “It’s for honoring the living veterans, the […]