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Week Sixteen: The Bachelor Party

“So, is this it?” Dixon asked. “This is it,” I explained. “I have never been to a bachelor party,” Wilson said. “So I guess I didn’t know what to expect. I wasn’t expecting this, though.” “Well, you have to understand,” I said. “I moved out here to New Jersey, so there aren’t a lot of […]

April 25- May 1 2016 Preteena

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Week Fifteen: The Ten Forty

"Okay, Polly, what does the calendar look like for this week?" "You got nursing home outreaches all day Monday. You’re speaking at the Hanover Rotary Club on Tuesday. Two fundraisers on Wednesday, and then I figure you can knock on doors all day Thursday and Friday." "Can’t do Friday," I said. "I have to go […]

PreTeena April 18-24 2016

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Week Fourteen: The Transit Authority

Mark Campbell was tall and tanned, with an impressive shock of nut-brown hair, graying at the temples. He was the incumbent in the Thirteenth District, and had been for two terms. He’d won his last election by fifteen points, and my internal polling showed that his favorable numbers hadn’t budged. He crossed the room and […]

A Call From the Future, Via the Past

"That’s only three years from now." "Yeah, but this was a big deal. See, there was a group of Middle Eastern terrorists who hijacked United flights 93 and 175, and American flights 11 and 77 with the intention of flying them-" The player went silent. I looked frantically to see what was wrong. The cassette’s […]

A Call From the Future, Via the Past

I was sitting in front of my home computer, attempting to print out an article I’d found on the web. It was a distraction from my work and I didn’t want to spend too much time at it, so naturally the printer took the opportunity to whine that it was out of ink. I growled […]

PreTeena April 11-17, 2016

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What Is The Secret of Fatima?

You can now purchase Peter J. Tanous’s The Secret of Fatima: A Father Kevin Thrall Thriller as an ebook or paperback on Amazon and other online retailers (or ask your local bookstore to order it!) Here is the description: Father Kevin Thrall is chaplain to a poor, inner-city parochial school in Washington, D.C. where he […]

‘Cast the First Stone’

You can now purchase Eden: The Animals’ Parable by Keith Korman with art by Lisa Paris as either an e-book or paperback on Amazon and other online retailers (or ask your local bookstore to order it!) Here is the description: "Ask the animals, and they will teach you" –Job 12:7 Experience the Gospels in a […]