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“Wayne” on YouTube Red: New Media and the Same Old Crap

The Tropes they are a-samin’

Finally had some time to get back on mission, here. I’d been working hard on the final volume of my By the Hands of Men series and a relaunch of the entire set of books, so stealing a few moments to wallow in cultural dupery was beyond me (why, no, I’m not pimping my own books here, oh no, I never).

When I had a chance to sit down and take the pulse of current culture dupery, as presented by those Delphic Oracles lurking in the mists of the Internet and Cable, I beheld unto myself a new series called “Wayne.”

3 Big Dumb Action Flicks For a Break From the Anti-Kavanaugh Circus

What the hell did I just watch?

Soon, the long national nightmare will be over. Brett Kavanaugh will be confirmed as an Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States (his reputation forever tarnished by the craven cretins of the Democrat party), or he will not.

While I do believe the psycho-drama of the hearings (the psycho provided by the clearly disturbed Dr. Ford, the drama by Kavanagh who chose not to go quietly into that good night preordained for him by the Stalinist Socialists formerly known as the Democrat Party) is an important event, reflective of our culture and the war for America’s soul, I think we also need to step back and take a break.

I mean, with campaign slogans like “You have no presumption of innocence here” and the equally catchy “Accusations are all we need,” the Democrats will be coming for the thought-criminals soon enough.

Therefore, herewith, some dumb fun movies you might have missed (some with, alas, more dumb than fun).

The Paper of Record Just Recorded They’re All Right with Racism. Really

Or: “The black people were surprisingly good last night…”

One of my personal failings (well, the only one I feel like admitting) is I have a strong fairness impulse. It was the whole thing, judge people by the content of the character not the color of the skin. My father, who had grown up in the deep South, surrounded by virulent racism, introduced me to the concept, mostly by living it. It was what made me a nascent liberal as a young man.

That belief in fairness was the same thing that drove me away from Liberals. Growing up, my experiences with other kids growing up were a lot like the Woody Allen joke about going to youth camp “…where I was sadistically beaten by children of all colors and creeds.”

Those experiences made it clear to me that “jerk” was a choice limited to any race, sex, or religion. And thus I was rather heretical toward the idea that People of Color were really Saints of Color.

The Peasants Aren’t Just Revolting, They’re Getting Uppity, Too

I wish you’d stop being so good to me, boss

The King was playing cards one day when he heard a very loud commotion outside.  He sent a noble to see what the problem was. The noble races back, “Sire, it’s terrible! The peasants are revolting.”

“Nonsense,” the King said, continuing to play cards. “The peasants have always been revolting.  You mean they’re rebelling.”

America’s peasants are rebelling, and the nobility is not happy about it.

What You Believe Can Kill You… Or at Least, Kill Your Soul…

Last Thursday (June 6, 2018) was the 74thanniversary of World War II’s , the Allied invasion of Europe that began the final, inexorable push to get the Nazi foot off the neck of… well, the World.

Google (one of the most valuable companies in the world) decided not to feature a remembrance of that day on the splash page of their search engine. Apparently, it wasn’t important enough to note. On Sunday, June 10, 2018, this was featured on their splash page….

Paging Jordan Peterson, Your Two-Minute Hate is Ready

Or: In The Future We’ll All Be Emmanuel Goldstein for 15 Minutes

The latest target of the current authorized Two Minute Hate is Jordan Peterson, a Canadian academic (professor of psychology) and practicing clinical psychologist. One might ask “What has this rather geeky sounding Canuck, with his kind of Don Knotts on ‘roids affect, done to arouse the righteous wrath of the Left?”

When Dad Dies in Disgrace

Like a lot of people my age, I was first introduced to Bill Cosby on vinyl LPs.  My father shared his love of Cosby’s comedy with me, and he delighted in watching me discover some of Cosby’s classic bits like “The Chicken Heart that Ate New York City” and his sketches about a dubious Noah trying to understand what God is saying to him. “What’s a cubit?”

For me, Cosby was part of my awakening to, well, the stupidity of racism: watching him on Johnny Carson in the early ’70s when I lived in Tampa, Florida (then struggling with the forced integration of their schools), and hearing my new friends laughing at Cosby’s jokes while they said to one another “That n—–’s funny as hell.”  While I could only stare at them and wonder Why would anyone call this smart, decent guy that word?


From My Cold, Dead, Facts

Or Why I’m Joining the NRA

As a veteran who once held a security clearance (along with marksmen and expert ribbons in certain firearms), a tax-payer for over 40 years, and a guy who’s only seen the inside of a jail cell while doing research, I find Dandy David Hogg unqualified to lecture me on responsible gun-ownership…

A New LI Series Debuts: Griff’s Culture Dispatches from the Alamo

“Arise, Cultural Dupes! You have Nothing to Lose but Your Chains!”

The author of the Lonesome George Chronicles starts a new column dissecting culture high and low… Have you ever really, really thought about story? Have you ever thought about how story is the way we make sense of our life, the universe, and our place in it? The stories we tell ourselves have a real impact. “My dad neglected us, he was never home, and he missed all of my baseball games” paints a very different picture of reality than explaining your childhood by saying “My dad worked incredibly long hours so mom could stay at home, so we could live in a safe neighborhood, so there would be money for college for us kids.”