The King was playing cards one day when he heard a very loud commotion outside. He sent a noble to see what the problem was. The noble races back, “Sire, it’s terrible! The peasants are revolting.”

“Nonsense,” the King said, continuing to play cards. “The peasants have always been revolting. You mean they’re rebelling.”

America’s peasants are rebelling, and the nobility is not happy about it.

Worse than that, the serfs are walking away from their assigned place on the plantation.

This brought the Stern Auntie out. She was vexed at our rebellious behavior and of the miscreants who were enabling us to keep acting the fool.

(Oh, yes, the Democrats’ almost certainly certifiably loony Congresswoman provides guidance on proper political etiquette).

Not only did America vote contrary to the will of our Aristocratic Natural Born Rulers (not just Hillary Clinton, but others like the long-serving Conservative Pope George Will, whose patience with the peasantry is at an end), Trump voters have shown an intransigent unwillingness to confess their sins and accept their chastisement.

But there are always good, brave comrades who will make sure the peasants know their place.

And really take a moment to appreciate the bravery of Good Comrade Kino. He stormed the gates!  He crashed the barricades! He’s sure to be in the next edition of Profiles in Courage.

On one hand, where they formerly had Barack Obama’s IRS on the job for them, Democrats now have volunteer shock troops out there harassing, attempting to intimidate citizens for things like the heinous crimes of going out to eat or browsing in a bookstore or wearing a hat.

But on the day one of the Woke aggressively confronts a citizen in Free America (not in a Blue Zone, where law-abiding citizens are dependably unarmed, aka “Antifa’s Favorite Hunting Grounds”) and said Woke Warrior finds him/herself ventilated by someone who believes the Second Amendment means what it says, the LibProgs will have a victory.

LibProgs don’t care about the proles, obviously, but they’ll have one more “Martyr” about whom to bleat “The Racist sexist heteronormative gun lovers have struck down another peace-loving choirboy Mensa member. Oh, when will this wickedness end?”

People are going to die (either the very surprised shock troops or Conservative thought-criminals going about their lives as if their constitutionally protected civil rights actually meant something), but since the most important thing to our Democrat betters is “Winning,” it won’t matter.


Image: King/Queen

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