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PreTeena December 26- January 1

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The Rifle, Part 4

0930 CPT Dugan was tired. He had spent the rest of the night gathering whoever was left, organizing casualty care, redistributing his remaining men, and tending to his own wounds. Now, he was scanning across the field where the Chinese had been. The militia medics had retrieved two of their soldiers that had been too badly injured to move, and took them to a place where they could be cared for and contained. Dugan watched as the Lakotas that had arrived the night before, walked among the corpses collecting up […]

The Rifle, Part 4

Read Part 1 here, Part 2 here, and Part 3 here. ***** 0330 The Chinese Airborne Infantry, having been tasked with seizing Ellsworth Air Force Base for the purpose of landing more troops and supplies in the interior of the USA, were angry and frustrated. The mission had started off well enough, with them flying nape of the earth in Xian Y-20 transports, an amazing feat of flying itself. Even though several dozen of them had puked up their lunches because of the maneuvering made necessary by flying so low, […]

PreTeena December 19-25

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Medicine For Mankind: Chapters 9 and 10

Editor’s Note: Click here for chapters 1 and 2, here for 3 and 4, here for 5 and 6, and here for 7 and 8. Order on Amazon here. 9 The truck continued down Federal Boulevard, swimming through the perpetual shadows of one enormous building after another; the government district seemed to go on forever. Neither Clyde nor his father had said a word since dropping off Mrs. Sexler, and Mr. Sexler could tell his son was wrestling with something. "What’s on your mind?" he asked. Clyde looked up at […]

The Rifle, Part 3

Read Part 1 here and Part 2 here. ***** North of Wall, SD, Late June 2030 “Impact!” CPT Tim Dugan had just hit a steel human silhouette target at one thousand yards. He worked the bolt on his rifle and fired a second shot. “Impact!” Smiling inwardly, he worked the bolt again and fired a third shot. “Impact! Now you’re just showing off!” Dugan got to his feet and began collecting his gear, “Nah! Just confirming zero.” Up and down the line, there were shooters aiming at similar targets. Don […]

PreTeena December 12-18

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The Rifle, Part 2

June 2030, 0830 CPT Tim Dugan looked across the aisle of the bus he was on at the two men there. Both of them were in their mid to late sixties, and they both had the grim expression of men who had seen hardship and were on their way to see more. He looked up and down the aisle only to realize that he, at age 52, was one of the youngest men on the bus. He considered it the height of absurdity that he was in command of a […]

The Rifle, Part 2

Click here for Part I. June 1998 "Got it! That was a solid 525 yard shot!" This, from Michael, who was peering through a spotting scope at the remains of a Prairie Dog. Michael’s son Tim, who had made the shot with his Mauser-actioned 6mm Improved, looked up and smiled, "I was trying for a head shot; I estimated 500. That’s why I hit it low. This thing is a tack-driver." The rifle was, in its latest form, a gift for graduating from college. Tim was Michael’s middle son and […]

Medicine For Mankind: Chapters 7 and 8

Editor’s Note: Click here for chapters 1 and 2, here for 3 and 4, and here for 5 and 6. Order on Amazon here. Chapter Seven The first time Clyde had a fit of sleep paralysis, he thought he might die from the intensity of the panic. By now, his fits were common enough that, after the initial sting of fear, he realized what was happening and knew enough to wait it out. Sometimes it took a few seconds, sometimes several minutes; one time it took an hour. That was […]