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The Best Worst Holiday Songs by Geography

What’s yours?

“I Want Crabs for Christmas” by David Deboy is certifiably the best worst Christmas song that’s ever come out of the great Old Line State.

Sunset at Low Tide, Stonington, Maine

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10 Photographs: The Joy of a Sunset, Siberian Husky, & New Books

Over the weekend I shot this series of sunset images on Saturday evening as I relaxed and read over two new Liberty Island novels, now available: Justice Inc. and Mad Jones, Heretic.

New Fiction: The Regulars

A Touching Comedic Caper

“Dusty Pete” Stoyvanich took the stool at the end of the bar, Bill Middleton was in the middle, per his name and Benny C took the seat closest to where Sal stood behind the bar. The patronage of the bar had turned over a couple times since anyone knew what the “C” stood for, he had been just Benny C for so long. The guys did not pay for anything out of their pockets, the cost of their daily imbibing and dining was built into the rent for their apartments. The kind taxpayers of the great State of New York picked up the tab through the Section 8 money the three received each month…

Death in Yellowstone

In late summer of 1971, a group of me and some of my friends from Chemeketa Community College took a hastily-planned road trip to Yellowstone National Park. Except for Cullen, our trail leader, who I’d just met by way of my boyfriend Dan, these were people I was thrown together with as our tumultuous experiences […]

Thunder Egg

A woman’s scream broke through the sound of a neighborhood of televisions murmuring through open windows. James and I sat up in Jack’s and Connie’s recliners, shared a glance, and then jumped over to the sliding glass door. It was a Saturday night, and before going to bed Connie had reminded us to keep it […]

Rough Trade

Get one thing straight. I never had any use for homosexuals. I didn’t hate them, like my father did. Not that I’d ever known any. I had heard television preachers say that homosexuals were maladjusted and needed our prayers. Since there wasn’t anything in my experience to suggest I do otherwise, and since the position […]

Support Q Ball #1: A New Martial Arts Thriller Comic by Baron & McClain

Mike Baron, author of the Bad Road Rising series of thriller novels published by Liberty Island, prepares to debut a new comic project that corrects a longstanding mistake hidden in most of today’s superhero comics….

Check Out Taliesin Nexus: Supporting Liberty-Minded Writers, Filmmakers & Creatives

Here are some photos of LI’s editors from the opening night of this year’s 3rd annual Calliope Writer’s workshop.

PreTeena: November 13-30, 2017

You won’t want to miss these hilarious cartoons depicting the ups and downs of adolescence.