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New Fiction: The Hidden Rider

“This tissue graft sounds like everything the implants are but more,” I said.

“That’s exactly right. It will live off excess blood sugar or fat, whatever fuel source is readily available.” The doctor was nothing but professional.

“The implants can do that and run off batteries.”

“The graft is actually more advanced, since it will never need to have the batteries changed, and it can change itself.”

“Bio-rejection is a risk”

“Yes, true, but the Marcon Biologics C model caused thousands to get sick when the biologically derived plastics inside of it caused bio-rejection when they started to break down,” the doctor countered.

“That’s poor material selection. And the implant itself in this case is biological. It could be considered a parasite,” I told the doctor.

The First Chapter For New Thriller ‘Pulse of the Goddess’

The first book of Fred Tribuzzo’s ‘American Blackout’ series is out now and volumes two and three are coming soon!

“Emily Cricket Hastings!” Sister Marie shouted in lieu of God Almighty as the bullets whistled by and the porpoising ’67 sky blue Barracuda left the road at high speed.

Cricket made a hard right turn and sped the Plymouth convertible through a sunny field of tall grass, aiming for the woods alongside a white farmhouse.

“Stay down,” Cricket yelled, her long, dark hair a war flag, leading the battle.

Inside the forest she slid to a stop behind a row of oaks lining a large meadow and flew out of the car.

Click here to purchase Pulse of the Goddess: American Blackout Book 1.

New Fiction: Free Gershwin!

A hilarious short story from the creator of the Bad Road Rising series

Sully was on a Boy Scout camping trip in New Hampshire the first time he heard Rhapsody in Blue. It was after lights out, although the boys continued to giggle and pass a rubber rat from bag to bag. As they dropped off one by one into sleep, music floated in the rustic window from a counselor’s cabin, faint, mysterious, and overwhelming. Sully poked himself with his Boy Scout knife to stay awake for fifteen minutes after the performance, so he could learn the name of the piece.

Sully’s mother swore she’d played Gershwin for him in her womb and that he was born singing but that’s a mother for you. Sully worshipped Gershwin above all others.

Read the Prologue and First Chapter of Quin Hillyer’s “Mad Jones, Hero”

Pick Up the Second and Third Volumes in The Accidental Prophet Trilogy

In Mad Jones, Heretic, young high school history teacher Madison Lee Jones of Mobile, Alabama, already having lost both parents at a young age, suffers as his grandfather, his wife, his unborn child, and his mother-in-law all die tragically in rapid succession. Grief-stricken and angry, Jones vents by penning 59 religious theses (see appendix) and pinning them to church doors in Mobile and in New Orleans. With his theses unexpectedly (and unintentionally) attracting a national social media following, and spurred on by an odd collection of entrepreneurial friends, Jones—an only intermittently churchgoing Episcopalian—begins a writing and public-speaking “ministry” to elucidate his theme that anger at God can lead to deeper faith. His inaugural public speech/homily, at a Good Friday service at a “charismatic” church in a New Orleans suburb, begins as a fiasco and a comedy of errors—yet somehow ends in triumph, as Jones leaves the church “experiencing a boundless optimism…. He felt that he was leaving a wilderness, and that a Promised Land awaited.”

Click to purchase Mad Jones, Heretic; Mad Jones, Hero; and Mad Jones, Agonistes

New Fiction: The First in the Darkness

He was still for a moment. Coming through the open manhole, the deep twilight served to light the immediate space around him. The tunnel went off into darkness ahead of him and behind him. He had not turned on his torch. He suddenly realised the madness of what he was engaging in. The grey stone of the tunnel, the festering smell of underground and the stale cold had made the reality of his choice clear to him. The tunnel walls fell in and out of lighter shades in patches like peeling skin. The dark lines indenting the stone on the low-hanging roof seemed to reveal fragility, as if these cracks would break apart any moment, the roof would fall, and he would be crushed. The light from where he was standing faded quickly into shadow, and then gradient by gradient the darkness took over until it was complete. His heart was racing. This was it.

New Fiction: THE GOAT

Lee’s battle plan on the morning of the third day had a lot of moving pieces. Timing would be a factor too, but the Army of Northern Virginia had pulled off such complexities many times in the last two years – against worst odds – and had never failed.

Longstreet didn’t like it…. Didn’t like it at all. “I can safely say there never was a body of fifteen thousand men who could make that attack successfully,” he had warned, but Longstreet was either unaware of, or discounted, Lee’s secret ingredient.

New Fiction: Imperfect by Design

The investigator sat supernaturally still, and it wasn’t just because of the high resolution scanners tied to the high security video conferencing system. The five senior administrators in the call were older, and they were barely able to be composed if they cared to be at all.

“Tell me, again, what they died of,” the one with the strongest medical background stated.

The investigator repeated the bacteria’s full scientific name.

“Was the determination that it is genetically engineered?” the former doctor asked.

“Yes and no.”

“That is a yes or no question.”

“The ancient strain would cause illness in the average population but have a low mortality rate. The pathogen appears to be that ancient strain tweaked to use the same vector the modern version of the bacteria exploits, though the modern strain is an inconvenience for most people.”

Liberty Island Celebrates LIBERTY IN FICTION

A Press Release for Immediate Release

When in the course of human events our national story becomes lost, confused, corrupted, or otherwise loses its way, it’s time to focus less on politics and more on finding new stories to tell.

Liberty Island has made itself the home for a new generation of storytellers whose work is inspired by a love of freedom and the American spirit. Our books and short fiction celebrate what is great about America — and what is true of the human condition. Most importantly, they embody the idea that freedom is the paramount goal of human beings everywhere.

In our polarized political debates, it is well to remember that freedom is one value we all share. All Americans consider freedom to be their heritage and legacy to future generations.

It’s therefore fitting that this Independence Day marks the re-launch of our website and the release of our new catalog. So, let the spirit of liberty unite us as we celebrate Liberty in Fiction.

New Fiction: Guardian Angel

Charlie saw her coming in before she saw him at the desk, and he buried his head behind his security monitors. Her electric wheelchair’s motor echoed throughout the atrium, a smooth hum interrupted a couple of times by higher-pitched whines – playful figure eights, her father laughing gently with her. It was a game he’d seen a hundred times now. “Where’s Charlie?” she chirped. “I don’t see my friend.”

“Perhaps, little flower, you should look behind the pillars.” Charlie could hear the hidden laughter in his voice.

Her voice, more distant now: “No – but Charlie’s too big to hide behind these little things!”

“Is he in the bathroom?”

“Baba, I can’t go in there!”

“Well, then, I guess you’d better look behind the desk.”

Charlie heard her little chair drive close and turned, his mouth a surprised o.

Frankenstein, Politician

Grand Prize Winner of the Spring Writing Contest: Fantastic Fathers & Magical Mothers

            “Divide the realm! Let Oligarchs own the cesspool Cities! Common and Partisan shall take the rest. Let each govern as they see fit and prove to the other who governs best. Let Partisan crash the tax and sweep away the regulations.” Of course, Oligarchs would hear none of this. Well did they know the discouragement tyranny brings. When rulers are the winners at every turn. Could Oligarchs leave two gardens growing side by side for comparison? No, they must bite out both eyeballs to stop from being seen!

            Frankenstein declared for martial law across the Realm. He launched his campaign with the brilliant speech on “The Cancer against Freedom”, given before the army in the Valley of Kings. He warned against disloyalty of not only the bureaucracy, but also some generals for fear the intellectuality of the Oligarchs had beguiled them. “Soft men bring hard times; hard men bring soft times,” Frankenstein quoted.

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