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Halloween 2015 Contest Winners

We are happy to announce the winners of this year’s Halloween contest! The contest’s theme was "family," and we really enjoyed seeing how each writer worked the idea of familial entanglements into their story. No matter which way your seasonal taste leans (personally, we feel that APPLE CIDER RULES, PUMPKIN SPICE DROOLS), there’s bound be to something you enjoy in our latest lineup! Grand Prize Winner Saturday’s Children by Lori Janeski I’m not superstitious, but part of me blames that broken mirror. The guys had made it a running joke […]

On The Menu

Garat glared out the forward screen, trying to maintain focus. He shifted in his seat, relieving the numbness in his backside. The seat padding had been worn down over the years to almost nothing, matching the general shabbiness of the vehicle. His beard was unshaven, his hair uncombed, his clothes a crumpled mess from two days of continuous travel. He looked in the rear vid screen. Nothing. They weren’t being followed. They had never been followed in the time they had been travelling, but he couldn’t settle his nerves enough […]


In the Scottish Highlands, loyalty to family and clan was the highest virtue. Inverawe had been a place of peace, surrounded by Duncan Campbell’s extended family, and thus safe from the turmoil of warring highland clans; but there was a dark side to Inverawe, and it was not merely the steep part of the glens that saw little sunlight. It was a warm summer’s eve when that accursed knock came upon the door just after dusk. It was a clansman in the colors of the Appin Stewarts–his clothes stained with […]

Virtually Dead

@LuzMarian squawked: @UBCTeam, what harm does virtual sex do? You’d know if you did the slightest bit of digging. See my talk with former addict @TZ_Thomas if you want to know what UBC is missing. #endexploitation #notagame #realsex @LongJohn replied: @LuzMarian, y r hottest chicks always prudes? #tragic #feelthepoke @Justice_League replied: @LuzMarian, typical repressive nonsense – you can be addicted to anything, but you only care about how people f***. Mind your business! #buttout #liberation @PPFA replied: Don’t like abortion, don’t like birth control, don’t like the consequence-free alternatives – […]

A Cabin in the Dark

In the darkness of the cabin, thirty-eight-year-old Wes Carver sat at the kitchen table and stared at the picture of his wife Claire and six-year-old daughter Lily, smiling from the screen of his cell phone. His two beauties had been gone now for an entire year, killed last Halloween by a trucker who lost consciousness after suffering a heart attack. The eighteen-wheeler crossed the median and demolished several cars, ending the lives of his young wife and child. Many nights Wes awoke suddenly, tears on his face. He had good […]

Children of Whitechapel

September 7, 1888 London, England Elizabeth’s husband walked through the kitchen door of their modest home along St. Andrew’s Square. Or rather he stumbled through the door, drunk as a skunk and smelling like one too. His blond hair was mussed and a good amount of blood stained the front of his shirt. This had been going on for weeks. He’d leave in the early evening, be out all night, then drag himself home. Sometimes there was blood on his clothes and other times he was filthy. She was sure […]

Family Reunion

It was overcast and early when Paul parted the creaky gate and entered the cemetery. The day after Halloween. The fake ghouls had departed, leaving behind orange streamers and the occasional condom. The cemetery was old and not without character–some ironist had awarded it four stars on Yelp–but the novelty had dulled over repeated visits. He had long plundered it for the earliest death, a tall gothic stone from deep inside the previous century. So different from the anodyne modern ones. He pondered the paradox: As death had been staved […]

Saturday’s Children

I’m not superstitious, but part of me blames that broken mirror. The guys had made it a running joke for the last few days. Alice gets slammed into a funhouse mirror by a rampaging ghoul, we all make jokes about her seven years of bad luck, even though she managed to take said ghoul’s head off with a Bowie knife. By herself, thank you very much. Clearing a ghoul nest, though, was just the start of my bad week. "I’ve got it now," I whispered into my radio, peeking around […]

PreTeena October 26-November 1, 2015

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Week Forty-Seven: The McCarthy Error

It was a beautiful fall day and, for once, I was happy to go to work. I had a spring in my step and an extra sprinkle of free-trade nutmeg in my soy latte. I had the sort of peace and contentment that you only get the morning after a Republican makes a mistake. I called an intern meeting for that morning, which is to say that I recorded a Vine on the elevator on the way up and tweeted it to everyone. (I could have done a Periscope but […]