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Press Release: Liberty Island Books Relaunching in 2021 with New Leadership, Exciting Books, and a Growing Editorial Team

An announcement about the future

June 3, 2021 – New York, New York – Liberty Island Media Group announced today that David M. Swindle, an editor for the publishing company since 2015, is taking over operations as the new owner, Editor-in-Chief, and Publisher.

Check Out These Liberty Island Titles!

We offer everything from genre thrillers to literary novels to satires, memoir, and cultural commentary. Something for everyone!

The first title from Liberty Island this year is Tom Cosentino’s hilarious and heartwarming comedic literary novel The Art of Looking for Trouble. It was released on June 23 and is now available for purchase. The paperback edition is now available too. Release dates for our upcoming titles will also be announced shortly along with the opportunity to pre-order. Thank you for your support!

This Year Give the Gift of Liberty Island’s Series

Give someone you care about a set of some Liberty Island novel series. We currently have five available!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Liberty Island wishes all our friends and readers a very wonderful Thanksgiving today!

This Weekend: See LI CEO Adam Bellow’s Book TV Interview On CSPAN2

Tune in tonight at 11pm ET, Sunday at 7:30pm, or July 28, at 11:30. The interview profiles Adam Bellow’s imprint at St. Martin’s Press, All Points Books, and includes a discussion of Liberty Island.

Check Out This In-Depth Interview With Roy “Griff” Griffis, Author of LI’s Lonesome George Series

This hour-long discussion digs deep

One of Liberty Island’s founding authors reveals the story behind the story in a discussion with podcaster Frank Garner.

Liberty Island Celebrates LIBERTY IN FICTION

A Press Release for Immediate Release

When in the course of human events our national story becomes lost, confused, corrupted, or otherwise loses its way, it’s time to focus less on politics and more on finding new stories to tell.

Liberty Island has made itself the home for a new generation of storytellers whose work is inspired by a love of freedom and the American spirit. Our books and short fiction celebrate what is great about America — and what is true of the human condition. Most importantly, they embody the idea that freedom is the paramount goal of human beings everywhere.

In our polarized political debates, it is well to remember that freedom is one value we all share. All Americans consider freedom to be their heritage and legacy to future generations.

It’s therefore fitting that this Independence Day marks the re-launch of our website and the release of our new catalog. So, let the spirit of liberty unite us as we celebrate Liberty in Fiction.

University Bookman Interviews Adam Bellow About Liberty Island

Mark Judge inquires about “Conservative Fictions, Fictional Conservatism?”

Liberty Island’s CEO describes the mission, the new books, and the website relaunch. Click here for the full transcript and here to download the 27-minute audio interview.

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