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PreTeena February 29, March 1-6

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Week Seven: The Coin Flip

Emma and I were sitting in Colleen Campbell’s office at the Hanover Inn, going over tablecloth colors. I was arguing that the tablecloths for the wedding should be cerulean. Colleen–who was the general manager for the Inn, and was therefore our de facto wedding planner–was trying to sell us on robins’ egg blue, because she had robins’ egg blue tablecloths on hand, and would have to special-order the cerulean ones from her wholesaler in Philadelphia. I was trying to make the point that the white lilies in the centerpieces would […]

Testosterone Poisoning (And What to do About It)

Last week they left my son on the porch, because that’s the new arrangement, so I told him to sit on the floor for us to play and he did sit and rocked himself dutifully to one side, slid a palm onto the floor under his little bum, then rocked himself the other way until he’d sat himself square on his hands like they already taught him in his first week of preschool. I sort of chewed down on myself and kept it cool with this train I had sawed […]

PreTeena February 22-28 2016

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An Excerpt from Levon’s Run

Now available on Amazon: Levon’s Run (Levon Cade Book 3) by Chuck Dixon *** It was flurrying snow when the taxi pulled up under the apron at the entrance of the America’s Best. A big guy in work boots crushed into the rear of the mini-van through the bay door. The driver eyeballed the guy in the rearview. He looked like he was dressed to go deer hunting. Or maybe fresh back from a deer camp with a heavy growth of beard on his jaw. "Where to?" the driver said. […]

Week Six: The Snow Day

"Get up, Justin." "Want to sleep some more." "Get up. Hurry. You don’t have all day." It was the morning of the first big snowfall of the year–Winter Storm Jonas, they were calling it. I don’t think the Jonas Brothers had anything to do with it, although I wondered if someone at the Weather Channel had maybe read Infinite Jest. (Not that I was ever able to finish it myself, but still.) Anyway, I knew I wasn’t going to be doing any campaigning that day, so I’d turned my alarm […]

3 Excerpts from Kia Heavey’s Domino

Domino is a modern fable about a barn cat locked in a deadly rivalry with a pampered house pet who convinces all the other animals that hunting is wrong. Before he knows what’s happening, Domino is in an existential struggle to protect his territory, his family, and a time-honored feline way of life. Now Available on Amazon.Com. Excerpt 1 They had reached a wooded space between two houses. Here, the ground dipped down from the edge of the road to the gully, a strip of wild land between the lawns […]

Nasty, Brutish, and Short

The deer bent its slender neck, reaching for a bit of tall weed near the edge of the clearing. Hidden behind a nearby tree, Uklar slowly raised his bow and drew. The wooden frame creaked, and the deer looked up suspiciously. Uklar froze, holding his breath, and the deer, perceiving no threat, turned back to its meal. Sighting along the shaft, Uklar aimed just above the shoulder, and released. The stone arrow thudded deep into the deer’s side. A good shot. A death shot. Uklar could tell just from the […]

PreTeena February 15-21 2016

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What a Smile Can Do

s sorrowthat washes the earthcleanof its painand its loss.What a smile can breakAnd resuscitate.In the depths of brokennessand the loss of all hope.Of blindness.And loss of the earth’