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A Pius Man: A Holy ThrillerA Pius Thriller

Prologue: A Pious Obsession David Gerrity had lived with eighty-five years of obsession. He had been obsessed with learning, which brought him into Harvard; history, which provided him with his Ph.D.; and, later, a wide range of other subjects, disciplining himself to no more than three or four obsessions at a time. His family was another obsession. When he married, it was to a woman whose interests were as wide-ranging as his, which allowed her to at least partially understand what he was talking about. Between them they raised three […]

Chapter 1: A Girl, A Dog, A Boat

A Girl, A Dog, A Boat Fiction By Audie Cockings Chapter 1: Listen to Your Mother She told me this would happen. At sixty-eight years old, my mom, Flossie, hit the nail on the head, yet again. She was right about Andy, Marc, James, Julian, Miguel, and now Todd. I should have stuck with serial monogamy. That seemed to hurt less. I knew it was coming. But seeing Todd’s wedding announcement in The Capital Paper to a certain female named Barbie Joe caused a pain in my chest that I […]

From MILF to GILF: Entry #113

Dear Diary, So now I’m a grandmother. Changed my match.com status from MILF to GILF. Not changing my AFF status, tho. Huma says Anthony told her that nobody on there looks past the pictures. Let’s hope Charlotte got her genes from me and not from her other grandmother, Marjorie Margolies-Mezvinsky. First, the old bat married a criminal (okay, we tie on that one); second, she loses elections like some old ladies collect cats; and third, she looks like she was dressed by homeless Wiccans digging in the flannel bin at […]


Chapter Six, Anna Around the time that Jessica met with her faculty advisor, Zachary ran the Fire Trail, and old Father Nate fed his cats, Anna Novak Aguilar, fifty-seven and trim, but not as trim as she wanted to be, settled herself in the driver’s seat of her old Volvo and headed for her three-times-a-week Curves workout on Claremont Avenue. She had kept to her usual slimming breakfast: low-fat yogurt with protein powder, a whole wheat English muffin (oh-so-lightly buttered), half a grapefruit, and Earl Grey tea with a dollop […]

Week One: The Piketty Line

It was my first day in Washington, D.C., and I was trying extra hard to be cool. I knew I was overly excited about taking my first steps towards smashing the corporate infrastructure and building a more socially just world, and it was a struggle to calm myself down. On the inside, I was a warrior for hope and change, but on the outside, it was important that I appear to be just another anonymous person in the corridors of power. Of course, I hadn’t seen any corridors yet, and […]

First Annual Politically Incorrect PSA Video Contest

Calling All Filmmakers! Liberty Island is hosting our first short film contest. Your assignment: to produce a politically-incorrect Public Service Announcement to encourage behavior that would scandalize polite opinion. We are looking for entries which are irreverent, funny, and borderline offensive to the thin-skinned and uber-left. Think "Animals are Delicious"; "Fur is Warmer than Polyester"; "Ask Cary Grant: Smoking is Cool". Here’s the parameters: Entries should be between 15 and 60 seconds long. Stay away from profanity, nudity, and libel please. You can use any format you like–live actors, animation, […]

Meet PreTeena

Some people want to be doctors when they grow up. Some want to be actors, or astronauts, or teachers, or any number of other worthy things. I wanted to be a cartoonist. I must have, because when I was two, I drew hundreds of tiny little happy faces inside the hall closet of my parents’ first house. My dad would find them, repaint the closet, and I’d decorate all over again. This was especially odd because both my parents were art teachers, so there was no shortage of paper in […]

That’s No Moon, That’s A Free Market

I am a gray pixel. That is, I am a middle aged video gamer who has been playing games for quite a few decades now, really, all the way back to the early days of the Atari 2600. And I have seen a lot of gaming trends over those years. A lot. But there is one aspect of the video game culture that has remained constant, a guiding “North Star” of the hobby if you will, that has always intrigued me. Simply, it would be the burning love exhibited by […]

Comrade Cruises

The prequel to this story, Wherever You Go, can be read here. The cruise ship was so much bigger than Emmy expected, she couldn’t even think of a word for it. Gargantuan was one, but that sounded like a giant tarantula. Titanic was downright terrifying, for a girl about to set sail. "Colossal," she decided, saying it out loud but not too loud. Emmy was learning not to sound smarter than other seven-year-olds. It wasn’t fair to them. Her foster mother gripped her hand. "You lucky girl, Emmy. Think of […]

Finish Line

When he reached for the beer the waitress had just set in front of him, he spotted the splatters of dried blood on his bare arm. Up and down the inside, and a larger stain at the base of his thumb. Yes, some were dried points of paint from his job, but there was blood, too. He scanned his clothes…here and there, other spots–most small, inconspicuous on the blue of his jeans and running shoes, but there they were. He glanced around but no one seemed to notice. "Hey, uh, […]