1. The Violet Crow: A Bruno-X Psychic Detective Mystery by Michael Sheldon

  2. The Secret of Fatima: A Father Kevin Thrall Thriller by Peter J. Tanous

  3. We Can Be Heroes: The Radical Individualism of David Bowie by Robert Dean Lurie

  4. Tales from the Black Chamber: A Supernatural Thriller by Bill Walsh

  5. Miranda’s War: A Novel of the Up-Zone by Howard Foster

  6. Right Tool for the Job: A Memoir of Manly Concerns by Mark Goldblatt

  7. Justice, Inc by J.P. Medved

  8. Mad Jones, Heretic: The Accidental Prophet, Book 1 by Quin Hillyer

  9. Silver & Lead: A Novella of the West by David Churchill Barrow and MaryLu Barrow

  10. Sidequest: In Realms Ungoogled by Frank J. Fleming

  11. Jonah: A Novel of Men and the Sea by Howard Butcher

  12. Snowflake’s Chance: The 2016 Campaign Diary of Justin T. Fairchild, Social Justice Warrior by Curtis Edmonds

  13. Mad Jones, Hero: The Accidental Prophet, Book 2 by Quin Hillyer

  14. Mad Jones, Agonistes: The Accidental Prophet, Book 3 by Quin Hillyer

  15. Pulse of the Goddess: The American Blackout, Book 1 by Fred Tribuzzo

  16. Slaves Beneath the Stars: American Blackout, Book 2 by Fred Tribuzzo

  17. Gangster Town: The American Blackout, Book 3 by Fred Tribuzzo

  18. Red Line Blues: The Passion of Owen Cassell, Closet Conservative by Scott Seward Smith

  19. The Undergraduate: A Novel by E. Scott Lloyd

  20. Disco: A Novel by Mike Baron

  21. The Odds Are Against Us: An Anthology of Military Fiction edited by Oren Litwin

  22. First Shot: Jin & Tonick, Book 1 by Bokerah Brumley