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PreTeena December 28, 2015-January 3, 2016

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PreTeena December 21-27, 2015

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Son of the WaterBiblical Proportions Contest Grand Prize Winner

Camp of the Habiru near Pi-Hahiroth – 1st Watch (1800 hrs.) With the wind picking up Yehoshua couldn’t hear distinctly the words of the tribal elders as they stood about grumbling and doing nothing, but he didn’t need to. They were doing nothing because that is what Mosheh had told them to do– just stop–do […]

Simeon’s Hand

I am the only girl child in a line of thirteen. My father, Jacob, did not allow me to be seen by a man outside of our immediate family. His tenet seemed severe, until I lay beneath a pitiless stranger, his hand clutching my throat. In a moment of naive defiance, I forfeited love from […]

Status Report 1247Biblical Proportions Contest Honorable Mention

This Incident Report covers a Loss of Material event on Northern Galactic League Vessel NGL-1071 due to an unexplained Ship Equipment Failure on S.D. 24103. BACKGROUND: NGL-1071 has been tasked to investigate the physical, chemical, and biological environment of the planet Galeb(3). The planet is the only one in the system with life form potential […]

Blue and GreenBiblical Proportions Contest Honorable Mention

Jesus’ manservant has an encounter with jazz musician Miles Davis and his band. Though it’s been many years since I helped my Master with the cooking and cleaning on the shores of Galilee, sleeping by the fire each night, making food for others and for ourselves, my sweetest memory was awaking each morning and seeing […]

No, Isobel, There Is Not A Santa Claus

"McDaid’s has changed," Mark thought. It hadn’t changed a lot, but it had changed. The food was still good, the waitresses were still pretty, and ESPN was still on the big screens; but the crowd had gotten a lot younger. To be fair, Mark’s days as a "regular" here had been two presidents, three grandchildren, […]

PreTeena December 14-20, 2015

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