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Week Twenty-Five: The Turkey Jive

It was seven in the morning, and I was changing the baby’s diaper. Richie, thank goodness, is a good baby and seems to understand the necessity for diaper changes, although he doesn’t like it when I apply the cold butt paste, which is actually what it’s called, don’t blame me. The knock came at the door just as I was closing up the diaper. I picked Richie up and headed to the door. I didn’t know the man at the door, but he looked as though he had less sleep […]


The waiting room air was still; stark white walls leaching out any character the mottled green and gray carpet may have provided. Mercifully, the sound on the video was off, although the screen continued its display of fires, storm damage, flashing police lights, and other signs of tragedy. He slumped in a chair along the wall. Fearful. Straining to find hope, with little success. He looked around at the handful of his companions occupying some of the other the uncomfortable seats that filled the large room. A woman knitting a […]

PreTeena July 25-31

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Week Twenty-four: The Inevitable Endorsement

I was getting used to the three o’clock feedings by now. We would get the baby up, Emma would feed him, I would burp and swallow him, and we would all try to go back to sleep. Then I would wake up at six in the morning, and drink all the coffee in the world. Occasionally, I will go back, and read old blog posts, like the one I did when Starbucks did that thing they were doing about talking to baristas about racial healing, and I was drinking organic […]

Apply Now: The 2016 Calliope Authors Worskhop

Here is a notice about an exciting upcoming writer’s workshop: It is incredibly difficult to be a writer. But when you truly love it, no barrier is tall enough and no odds are scary enough to stop you. Unlike film, television, theatre or other creative endeavors, writing is a lonely path with most of your working life spent in the company of your laptop, a coffee mug, and an inspirational poster – none of which are known for great water cooler conversation. And if you care about liberty, free markets […]

PreTeena July 18-24 2016

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The Winners For The 2016 Summer of Love Contest

This was Liberty Island’s most popular and successful contest yet with the most submissions we have ever received. Today we feature our Grand Prize Winner, Runner Up, and the first honorable mention. Join us each week for the rest of the summer and into the fall as we feature 8 more delightful, creative tales of love and politics. Thank you very much to everyone who entered and congratulations to our winners! Grand Prize Winner: "The Natural Contract" by Alec J. Ott Runner Up: "Sex, Love and a Soviet Obituary" by […]

The Natural Contract

*** The group broke up about an hour later after three or four more rounds with some wine and bread. Joe walked along the still-lively sidewalk with Matt and Phil. Young people were roaming everywhere, in groups and couples, some waiting in line to get into the hipper dance joints. Many were speaking loudly, still deaf from the blaring music from inside the buildings. The scent of stale beer and cigarettes mingled with the fresh breezes coming from the Potomac. Matt and Phil lived in Foggy Bottom, which was on […]

The Natural Contract

"Push your thumb on the screen," Peggy offered suggestively, holding out her iPhone, while letting the strap of her satin top slide off her milky, smooth left shoulder. She pushed away some of her luxuriously silky brown hair for him to see. Not really wanting to take his eyes off of this and her perfectly oval white face, her beckoning brown eyes and pink lips, he reluctantly looked at the device. The screen displayed a big, blue "I Agree" button that flashed impatiently, awaiting his thumb print. Joe sat up […]

Sex, Love and a Soviet Obituary

Turns out, she had gone West to work with a regiment composed of the top physicists from the United States and England led by Bob Oppenheimer whom I had met before the War. The Los Alamos team defied gravity building the bomb that ended the war in the Pacific and that saved a quarter million American lives. And she had been there, one of just a handful of women in the program, indeed recruited from Oxford, along with Fuchs, like her, an ardent Communist. The Soviets wanted two separate information […]