Here is a notice about an exciting upcoming writer’s workshop:

It is incredibly difficult to be a writer. But when you truly love it, no barrier is tall enough and no odds are scary enough to stop you. Unlike film, television, theatre or other creative endeavors, writing is a lonely path with most of your working life spent in the company of your laptop, a coffee mug, and an inspirational poster – none of which are known for great water cooler conversation. And if you care about liberty, free markets and the founding principles of America, you will find life even lonelier.
Last year, through my nonprofit, Taliesin Nexus, we created the Calliope Authors Workshop, a workshop specifically dedicated to authors working in fiction and narrative nonfiction who share an interest in liberty. We brought 17 talented writers together along with some amazing mentors and panelists from across the publishing industry for a weekend spent discussing and developing each other’s work and careers.
This year, we are partnering with Liberty Island to hold the Calliope Authors Workshop this September 9th through 11th, in America’s publishing mecca – New York City.
We are bringing a stellar faculty to this workshop including:
  • Sarah Hoyt, author
  • Otto Penzler, Publisher of Mysterious Press
  • Scott Hoffman, Folio Literary Management
  • Adam Bellow, CEO of Liberty Island and Vice President, Broadside Books/HarperCollins
  • Jim Grimsley, author
  • Plus many more writers, publishers, agents…and special surprise guests.
I’ve written fiction since I was ten years old and was a Creative Writing major in college. I know how critically important it is to get feedback from mentors and peers who understand and share your philosophical sensibilities and commitment to liberty. That’s why we created this workshop! It is free to attend for accepted applicants, including a voucher for your flight to NYC with room and board included.
You can apply on our website to attend. Please do so soon, because the application closes August 9th.
Patrick Reasonover
President, Taliesin Nexus