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Species VS. Splice

A young, not-quite female human hybrid has been created and poses a threat to all of humanity. Sound familiar? SPOILER WARNING!

How Hollywood Could Be Keeping the Alien Threat at Bay

Humans’ historical documentaries on how various things were discovered will be considered true-life horror biopics to aliens. Then again, this will explain how we developed so quickly. Our fictional broadcasts of us hacking into alien computers, turning random items into superweapons and so forth, if understood, may make aliens think we’re more advanced or dangerous than we really are.

Humans may be left alone because our geniuses are so dangerously unpredictable. Our prank shows and reality shows like Mythbusters may be what are saving us from alien invasion. We take pleasure in exploding stuff and use it as educational content for our children? Let’s leave that planet alone.

3 Big Dumb Action Flicks For a Break From the Anti-Kavanaugh Circus

What the hell did I just watch?

Soon, the long national nightmare will be over. Brett Kavanaugh will be confirmed as an Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States (his reputation forever tarnished by the craven cretins of the Democrat party), or he will not.

While I do believe the psycho-drama of the hearings (the psycho provided by the clearly disturbed Dr. Ford, the drama by Kavanagh who chose not to go quietly into that good night preordained for him by the Stalinist Socialists formerly known as the Democrat Party) is an important event, reflective of our culture and the war for America’s soul, I think we also need to step back and take a break.

I mean, with campaign slogans like “You have no presumption of innocence here” and the equally catchy “Accusations are all we need,” the Democrats will be coming for the thought-criminals soon enough.

Therefore, herewith, some dumb fun movies you might have missed (some with, alas, more dumb than fun).