Humans’ historical documentaries on how various things were discovered will be considered true-life horror biopics to aliens. Then again, this will explain how we developed so quickly. Our fictional broadcasts of us hacking into alien computers, turning random items into superweapons and so forth, if understood, may make aliens think we’re more advanced or dangerous than we really are.

Humans may be left alone because our geniuses are so dangerously unpredictable. Our prank shows and reality shows like Mythbusters may be what are saving us from alien invasion. We take pleasure in exploding stuff and use it as educational content for our children? Let’s leave that planet alone.

Human science fiction movies showing us responding to alien invasions and possessed people (zombies) by killing them through a variety of novel methods may be keeping them from trying. Or they’re at least waiting until they think there is nothing else to watch for opposition research before they show up. Does this make Romero’s next zombie movie alien invasion insurance?

Human horror movies showing us getting up and fighting after limbs are lost or injuries that may be fatal in real life could deter anyone from wanting to try to kill us. Or it results in the development of weapons so fatal that we totally lose, but then it is a fast, clean death.

The movies we make showing our planet covered with zombies, werewolves, vampires and other monsters could deter anyone watching it from wanting to invade. After all, WE are afraid of our neighbors and relatives turning into dangerous creatures that are even more dangerous than us.

Oh, Lord, I just realized this may mean that Galaxy Quest could be the closest thing we have to a documentary explaining why the aliens don’t come to visit… If they think that War of the Worlds and Independence Day are real, that explains why they aren’t dropping by.

That or the Great Filter is the one in a quadrillion trillion to one of mitochondria forming, allowing complex life to arise.

Is it better or worse to think our scifi movies may be keeping evil aliens at bay than wondering if they don’t exist at all?


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