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‘Adam was a Golem before God breathed life into him.’

Meet Bruno-X, a psychic detective unlike any you’ve ever encountered…

Discover The Violet Crow by Michael Sheldon, an endlessly creative and innovative mystery novel.

The Biker: ‘Being proved right was like his first snort of good coke.’

With Mike Baron driving you’re in for a wild ride!

Discover the Bad Road Rising series: a born-again Biker-turned private detective hot on the trail of a stolen child.

‘…death and killing in real life isn’t like on TV or in the movies.’

An excerpt from Silver and Lead

A grandfather strives to teach his grandchildren the truth about the Old West.

When An Overpriced Head of Lettuce Becomes An Attack on Your Masculinity


Mark Goldblatt’s memoir Right Tool for the Job is loaded with hilarious stories and insights into becoming a man.

Excerpt: ‘And That Was When the People in the Trucks Shot Her.’

From Volume 2 of The Lonesome George Chronicles

“A bunch of them were firing at her, and the impact of so many bullets pummeled her into the white cinder blocks and sent the child in her arms tumbling back into the waiting inferno…”  – from Bringing The Fire, page 29 by Roy M. Griffis