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Bokerah Brumley

NEW LI NOVEL: Buy Bokerah Brumley’s FIRST SHOT: Jin & Tonick Book 1

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Minutes after Tonick disappeared, I shrink back into my alley and turn my face toward the brick wall, tucking my chin behind my black leather collar as the Corp officer floats by on his hover bike. I pull the bandana a little lower over my forehead.

I have the shakes, and my heartbeat thunders in my ears. No matter how many times I swallow, my throat stays dry. I can’t let the robos see my hair. That’s the giveaway, and then GenCor would know to scoop me up, too.

The caught don’t come back.

Tonick’s words echo in my brain, and I smooth my hand over my scalp. Damn.

My starfish-hair has grown so much already. The ends are longer than the kerchief, peeking out like neon signs to anybody who wants to collect a sizeable bounty.

VIDEO: Family Fun Foraging for Wild Plums

*Submit your photographs (or videos) of nature and the outdoor life to [email protected] to participate in this weekly feature exploring the natural world.*

New Fiction: Field Trip Chicken

Mary Keen has to get a therapy chicken back to Harmony Farms, but the simple task spirals out of control…

The compost demonstration showed all the amazing ways that poultry could break down waste while building soil. She had no idea a flock of chickens could be so industrious. Mrs. Applewood was convinced that chickens had an important role to play in the efforts to recycle matter and change it from something wasteful to something useful. Regenerative farming practices had the potential to change the world. But, still, there was something about that Miss Frizzle….

New Fiction: Ishka’s Garden

An Honorable Mention from The Heroes Half of The Contest

Beneath the alabaster arches over my narrow windows, something flutters against my curtains, interrupting my reading. I squint toward the sound as I rub my earpoints. They’re sore from concentration. I’ve spent my half-day studying the techniques recorded in the leather-bound journal of a master arborist.

A tree in my garden needs pruning before the Moontide festival. The tree that I’ve come to think of as Seesha’s Tree. My little friend will be so pleased with her new home. Fesh designed it well and picked the perfect branch. The two of them favor my Mergone and not many Fae can say a pair of the winged creatures live nearby.

On Why with a Blue-Haired Farmer

It had been a fantastically productive Sunday. Forty birds graduated from our pasture into the deep freezer, and the two in the oven smelled delicious.

But, on Monday, my friend scrunches her nose at the thought of processing all those chickens. “Why do you do it?”

When Babies Arrive: A Springly Walkabout with a Blue-Haired Farmer

When the grasses die off, all the creatures depend more on bucket-feeding. Everything comes and goes in cycles. In keeping with that rhythm, this past November, we went from around two hundred animals down to around one hundred.

We’ll stay at that number until the baby season comes…

The Birds of a Blue-Haired Farmer

Check out this new regular feature of elegant farm photos and poetic commentary from Bokerah Brumley.

Choice of Tech

An Honorable Mention in the 2017 Spring Shock Trigger Warning Writing Contest

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