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POEM: Looking for the Republic

We’re proud to be featuring Michael Lind’s work at Liberty Island. This is the sixth of eight poems.

David Copperfield and the Timelessness of the Classics

I finished reading Dickens’ classic, David Copperfield, for the first time and was struck by its ideas of gender equality, especially in regards to marriage. It surprised me to see Dickens’ respect towards women and the criticism of an unequal marriage in a book written in 1850. But maybe it shouldn’t have. Equality isn’t a new idea; it’s a timeless truth. The classics are considered great because of the truths they hold, so it makes sense to find true ideas, even the idea of equality, in them. Because of this, we should listen to the classics instead assuming we know better than them.

Not Your Average Faith-Based Entertainment

‘The Chosen’ is unlike anything you’ve ever seen.

If I told you I had a Christian television series to recommend to you, I wouldn’t blame you for bristling. After all, the phrase “faith-based entertainment” conjures up images of the two dozen God’s Not Dead films or the endless Left Behind reboots.

Christian movies and series have a bad reputation for a reason. They’re terrible because they sacrifice storytelling and artistry for earnest, over-simplified portrayals of faith. Shoestring budgets are the norm as well, which doesn’t help.

RIP Tamara Wilhite (1976-2021)

Tamara Wilhite passed away on August 19, 2021. She was 44 years old. Tamara served as Liberty Island’s Senior Columnist, with her longstanding weekly column running each Friday, the archive of which can be viewed here.

Time Enough For Science Fiction

A New Blogging Series Exploring the Genre

In preparation for our next series of books that we’re publishing, I’m going to get my head into the classics and key authors of science fiction and blog through it.

Murmurations: Part 8

The ongoing weekly serial continues. Click here for the introduction,  here for Part 1, here for part 2, here for part 3, here for part 4, here for part 5, here for part 6, and here for part 7.

POEM: Twin Oaks

Editor’s note:  We’re proud to be featuring Michael Lind’s work at Liberty Island. This is the fifth of eight poems.

On Afghanistan and Failure

Dan Bolger has been on my mind lately. You probably don’t know him. A quiet professional, he’s not a staple on cable news and only writes the occasional op-ed. In the faculty directory of NC State University, he is listed simply as an “Assistant Teaching Professor.”

I, and many others who served with him in uniform, know him for different reasons. When he commanded the 1st Cavalry Division in Iraq, we knew him as the guy who spent more time on the streets of Baghdad than he did in his office.

A Gen-Z Perspective on Generations: The History of America’s Future, 1584 to 2069

I recently read Generations: The History of America’s Future, 1584 to 2069, and it got me thinking about how the book’s ideas apply to the present day. The authors, William Strauss and Neil Howe, theorize that a generational cycle occurs every 4 generations, with each generation having its own distinct archetype.

Memorizing Scripture

Committing God’s word to memory can help us in multiple ways.

We’re in the midst of a series at Eastridge Church called “Lies We Believe,” where we’re looking at the common lies that we tell ourselves – or that Satan tells us – that we fall for and how to combat them.

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