Tamara Wilhite passed away on August 19, 2021. She was 44 years old. Tamara served as Liberty Island’s Senior Columnist, with her longstanding weekly column running each Friday, the archive of which can be viewed here.

Tamara’s obituary can be read here. Here is an excerpt:

Tamara was born October 10, 1976 in Grand Prairie, Texas to Kent and Jeanette Britain. She graduated from South Grand Prairie High School in 1994 and earned a Bachelor’s degree in Industrial Engineering from the University of Texas at Arlington in 1998.

She married her college sweetheart, David Wilhite, in 1999 and together they raised a daughter, Renee, and a son, Ian.

In addition to her engineering career, Tamara was an avid technical writer having written several books and short stories over the years. She also contributed over 20,000 articles to more than 700 publications across multiple categories including science fiction, family, religion, and self-help.

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I worked with Tamara as her editor here at Liberty Island since 2017, first publishing her science fiction short stories and book reviews before urging her to start her regular column where she interviewed other independent-minded writers and always offered smart, original commentary on the books, movies, and TV shows she loved.

Checking today, I made a discovery: Tamara was Liberty Island’s top contributor, writing more articles than anyone else.

There will be much more to say about the life, writing, and ideas of Tamara Wilhite in the future. For now, my heart is simply broken over the loss of a friend and creative partner who was one of the kindest, most loyal writers our God has blessed me to know. Goodbye Tamara.