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PreTeena November 28 – December 4, 2016

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Medicine For Mankind: Chapters 3 and 4

Chapter Four The President decided he would demonstrate leadership the way presidents had been doing it for decades–by forming a committee. He stacked his newly-formed Committee to Save the Human Race with eight Republicans. If the committee couldn’t stop the apocalypse and everyone died, then it would be their failure–a Republican failure–not his. "We have […]

Medicine For Mankind: Chapters 3 and 5

Click here for chapters 1 and 2. And order your copy on Amazon here. Chapter 3 Over the years, millions of microphone-equipped microcameras had been installed in all public areas. They broadcasted their sounds and images to a local National Security Precinct (NSP) where the data was fed through recognition filters to identify violations of […]

The Logos: A Perfect Man’s Odyssey Through Science Fiction and Fantasy

Imagine meeting the perfect man. He’s a physical man in that he exists and interacts in this material world just like the rest of us. He was born and grew up, he eats, he sleeps, and he can die. But he’s also perfectly aligned with the divine. He has superhuman abilities and never ever makes a mistake. Everything he does and says has a great meaning behind it.

Humanity has grappled with the possibility of this man from the beginning of knowledge. Ancient Western philosophy called such a man the “Logos” or “Universal Wise Man.” The English Common Law system, on a more practical level, refers to the “reasonable, prudent man,” who is applied as the measure to determine if a particular defendant’s actions compare. Would the reasonable, prudent man have driven the car with bald tires? Not even a possibility.

Literature and culture have provided many great figures who could be considered as types to the Logos. Many appear in the Bible, of course. The Old Testament has several great figures, for sure, including Moses and the Prophet Elijah. Moses serves as a close example as the wise lawgiver who performs great miracles. Sampson, another lesser example, is a man whose strength is superhuman, but whose lustful vices are his undoing. Yet all fall short of the ideal and make no claims to be the Logos himself.

November 21-27 2016

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Medicine For Mankind: Chapters 1 and 2

Chapter One The town looked like a cadaver–pallid and lifeless. The bare tree branches shivered in fear, and their fallen leaves fled from a portentous wind. They left behind a small high school that would have run too if it could. It was too fat and bloated. Inside one of its classrooms, a timer went […]

PreTeena November 14-20

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Week Thirty-Five: The Election Night

“Why is Hillary campaigning in Michigan today?” Emma asked. “I don’t know,” I said. We were at the breakfast table, the day before the election, and I was double-fisting a giant cup of Maryland Club coffee. I promised myself for the tenth time that I would lay off the caffeine once the election was done. […]

PreTeena November 7-13

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Week Thirty-Four: The Phone Bank

The headquarters of a Congressional campaign the week before the election is a busy place, with volunteers briskly strolling around sipping Starbucks coffee, reporters calling asking how they can help the campaign, and most prominently, the sound of the phone bank calling people reminding them to vote Fairchild. So when I walked into the office […]