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PreTeena November 28 – December 4, 2016

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Medicine For Mankind: Chapters 3 and 4

Chapter Four The President decided he would demonstrate leadership the way presidents had been doing it for decades–by forming a committee. He stacked his newly-formed Committee to Save the Human Race with eight Republicans. If the committee couldn’t stop the apocalypse and everyone died, then it would be their failure–a Republican failure–not his. "We have to shift the blame on this apocalypse thing," the President had explained to Jenkins. "Otherwise we’re going to get killed in the midterms." Meanwhile, he also formed a secret task force to determine the various […]

Medicine For Mankind: Chapters 3 and 5

Click here for chapters 1 and 2. And order your copy on Amazon here. Chapter 3 Over the years, millions of microphone-equipped microcameras had been installed in all public areas. They broadcasted their sounds and images to a local National Security Precinct (NSP) where the data was fed through recognition filters to identify violations of the common good, like the appearance of a gun or the utterance of some hate speech. Once detected, the corresponding image would be highlighted red for easy identification, an alarm would sound, and federal Protectors […]

The Logos: A Perfect Man’s Odyssey Through Science Fiction and Fantasy…

Conclusion We all, let alone popular fantasy and science fiction, have a hard time trying even to conceive of perfection, much less creating a character who is the measure for perfection itself. Characters developed and written by mortal human beings have never come close to the Logos, with the notable exception of Aslan, who is meant to be a type of Jesus. This is because we are imperfect, and the best we could ever come up with is a Logos-type–something comparable but never quite the Logos. And yet, the Gospel […]

The Logos: A Perfect Man’

In The Lord of the Rings In The Lord of the Rings, author J.R.R. Tolkien takes the arguably best approach towards developing a Logos-like human character. As Philosopher Peter Kreeft has described, Tolkien does not try to integrate aspects of the Logos all into one character–he does it with three. Tolkien, also, is one of two in my examples who has intentionally attempted to create a Logos-type character. Kreeft describes the qualities of three characters that each represent a different aspect of Jesus’s roles and qualities. Frodo represents the priestly […]

The Logos: A Perfect Man’

In Superhero Movies Many superheroes could be posited as types for the Logos, but two I will focus on have been featured in recent movies, Superman and Thor. These two characters compare greatly to Jesus as the Logos by also being, more or less, sons of gods, and having great powers. But are they closer to the Logos than Jesus? Superman is comparable to Jesus in that he comes from outside the earth, but is raised as a normal human being. Although not supernatural, his parental lineage suggests an almost […]

The Logos: A Perfect Man’

In Star Wars The Star Wars world is set up as events that happened a long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away. This alone gives everything about it a special set-apart, almost magical feel, where out of the ordinary things are possible. It also makes meeting someone like the Logos seem all the more possible. And there are a few contenders, but are these extra-galactic heroes closer to the Logos than Jesus? The influence of Eastern mysticism characterizes the religions of this world, which revere "the Force." There […]

The Logos: A Perfect Man’

Imagine meeting the perfect man. He’s a physical man in that he exists and interacts in this material world just like the rest of us. He was born and grew up, he eats, he sleeps, and he can die. But he’s also perfectly aligned with the divine. He has superhuman abilities and never ever makes a mistake. Everything he does and says has a great meaning behind it. Humanity has grappled with the possibility of this man from the beginning of knowledge. Ancient Western philosophy called such a man the […]

The Logos: A Perfect Man’

In Star Trek Star Trek has many, many examples of men and advanced aliens with god-like powers. Although no such repeat characters were introduced in the original series ("TOS"), Captain Kirk and the Enterprise come across many such characters with elements of the Logos. In one episode, a god-like boy-man appears at the conclusion dressed like an ancient Greek and is surprised that humans could show "advanced" virtues, namely mercy. In another episode, the race of Organians appear to be human-like at first, but in reality, have evolved far beyond […]

November 21-27 2016

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