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Midsummer 2015 Release

Another month, another release! We are happy to present to you our midsummer batch of stories, ranging from eerie science fiction to heartwarming contemporary. Enjoy! Lady Blue by Keith Korman Highway Patrol Officer Cheryl Gibson stood in the admitting area of Keck Emergency at the USC complex. Los Angeles Medicine at its most immediate. Huge letters plastered across fifteen feet of curved wall, spelled E – M – E – R- G – E – N – C – Y in case you had any doubt. She watched the man […]

PreTeena July 27-August 2, 2015

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The Green Beings Coffee Folk

Hi, there! Every so often, we here at the Green Beings Coffee Folk get a letter from concerned customers like you which reads something like this: Hi, there! I love your coffee, but why does it cost $75 a cup? When I go to my local Starbucks, it only costs $4 a cup. I would love to drink your coffee every morning on my way to work, but I can’t afford to spend $375 a week on coffee. Help! — Sara from San Francisco Although we understand your desire for […]

The War Room

Buried 120 feet below Washington D.C., the War Room is almost completely dark. The lights have just gone down, and the massive view screen along the eastern wall is still dark. The only illumination in the room is the faint blue glow of the flat screen monitors embedded in the boardroom style table. That glow casts itself against the bodies of as many people as have ever occupied the space–diplomats, soldiers, scientists–and, of course, the president himself. At the moment, these people are all visible only as dimly lit blue […]

The Gift

The boy was slapped awake by the hoarse and repetitive pitch of his alarm clock. He massaged his eyes with his thumb and index finger before he slowly opened them. It was never easy getting up before light on the weekend. He silenced the clock and slid out of bed. Dressed and fresh, he finished his oatmeal and left home for his job at the farmer’s supply. High school graduation loomed and for six months now he had filled orders from fifty-pound bags of feed to eighty-pound bags of concrete […]

The Cockfight

Thayer paused while they thought that one over. What he said was true enough, and Joe Bob had forgotten it. Curly Johnson had all the entries put up five hundred dollars entry fee; with thirty-five entries, that made eighteen thousand, five hundred riding on the two-day derby. But five thousand dollars of this money was held out and prizes of twenty-five hundred were given to the best single-day showing. Carson’s roosters had fought poorly the day before, and this day money was all he and Thayer could win, now. Horse […]

The Cockfight

Joe Bob stood silent while his father bound the steel gaffs to the gamecock. He found it easy, today, to concentrate on whatever his father did. Jack Thayer. Dad. Fighting gamecocks for the first time in fifteen years, the best damned chicken fighter in Tennessee back in action. Jimmy June Carson held the rooster while Thayer deftly wound and tied the dental adhesive and string to its stumpy, sawed-off spurs. Jimmy June owned the ‘cock; in fact, he owned all the dozen roosters now housed in the half-rotted ‘cock house, […]

Event Zero

Dr. Joshua Grant stood quietly as the lab’s sensors scanned him. To him, the elaborate scheme of security devices seemed only a token effort. His facility’s greatest defense was the veil of secrecy that unobtrusively enveloped it. Its construction modest and measured, its operation quiet and simple. Still, the possibility of intrusion and espionage could not be ignored. The potential contained within was now too great. His small, nondescript lab had unlocked the secret of time travel. Time travel. The fancy of countless dreamers and scientists before him now a […]

The Hunter/The Hunted

Weeks passed with no sign of the shuttle. The two men lost track of exactly how long they had been gone. The normal rotation of Ararat was slightly longer than Earth, enough so that a short period of time wasn’t significantly different between the two worlds. By now, they had gone beyond that and knew it. Tommy mastered the building of traps, and discovered a lot of edible plants on the island. The tubers called Corrigan Yams were a particular favorite of the two men. He had even built a […]

The Hunter/The Hunted

Only the smattering of clouds broke up the canvas of blue sky–sky that should have seen a shuttle come through at least three days ago. Tommy Riley, of the Atlanta Rileys, wasn’t used to being kept waiting. His bodyguard and valet, Harley, had considerable more experience in that area. "Damn it! What’s keeping them?" Tommy asked. Harley shrugged. "I wish I knew, sir." Tommy nodded. He didn’t like it, but there was no way Harley could possibly know. He was lashing out and Harley was taking the brunt of it, […]