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The Holy Land

Chapter 5 The President stared at Attorney General Brasher in amazement. "You’re saying that the radicals are blaming us for the moral decay of the country? Us? The true keepers of the faith?" Brasher nodded. "Yes, they say we are flooding the country with pornographic joycubes that are destroying the minds and moral fiber of our citizens." Beasley said, "I told you we shouldn’t have taken those…" The President cut the Science Advisor short with a light tap on his silver prism. "There was no choice. It was sell on […]

The Holy Land

Chapter 4 It was the night of the full Moon, and Aurora was to be promoted. Hamilton read her note inviting him to the ceremony. "Hamilton, you are to come to the Temple of Minerva tonight. Be there at 10 o’clock exactly, and enter through the service entrance at the back. But right before you go, take three showers using the enclosed soap, and then put on the enclosed clothes. Under no circumstances should you defecate between the time you shower and the time you come to the Temple. It […]

The Holy Land

Chapter 3 The Ambassador and Commercial Consul of the Western Galactic Empire were ushered into the White House meeting room and greeted by the President and his cabinet. The President was dwarfed by the Commercial Consul, but nevertheless aggressively approached him and shook his hand. "Mr. Ambassador," the President said to the Consul warmly, "I’m so glad to finally meet you." The Consul allowed his hand to be touched briefly, but then withdrew it nervously. "West Imperial Commercial Consul Fedris, at your service sir. Allow me to introduce our ambassador, […]

The Holy Land

Chapter 2 Dr. Howard Berger, his wife Melissa, and their three small boys were spending a quiet evening in their comfortable Seattle home, when the FBI agents broke in. "Dr. Howard Berger?" Agent Wilkes asked. "Yes." "You and your family are under arrest. You must come with us right now." "But why? We haven’t done anything wrong." "You’re from Kennewick, aren’t you?" "Yes," the doctor explained. "But when the Minervans showed up, I thought it might be best to leave. I had a job offer here at the University Hospital, […]

The Holy Land

Chapter 1 The President stared at his Science Advisor in disbelief. "So, what you are telling me is that Kennewick, Washington, has been taken over by a bunch of space aliens." "Minervans, sir," Dr. Beasley said, peering through his bifocals. "They call themselves Minervans." "And who are these Minervans, and what do they want?" "They claim to be refugees from oppression in the Central Galactic Empire. They say they need a place of their own, and since Kennewick is their ancient homeland, they’ve come to reclaim it." The President shook […]


There’s a small reddish-brown dog at my white stucco house. The dog stands patiently behind a plastic white picket fence.. The dog belongs to me now and he’s my main pal. The house, stucco and porch and backyard and all, is something I rent, here in Miami on NE 62d Street. He’s a rusty brown mutt about knee-high, with a small, flat head. He has weird yellow patches above his brown eyes almost like yellow eyebrows. My girlfriend discovered this funny-looking dog in a pound, and she took him home […]


"Lunatics on parade," I hear a voice behind me utter distinctly. It’s a voice curiously flat, almost atonal. "Dr. Markham," I say, turning away from the television to face her. I’m busted, no question, with no way to brazen it out. I was younger then, and hadn’t become the skilled liar that life would later encourage me to be. Not that watching television in the lab is expressly forbidden. It’s just that Dr. Markham doesn’t approve of a division in the attention of her lab assistants. She glances at the […]

Approaching Zero

The girl at the desk was not so friendly anymore. She used to be, when my benefactor first set me up here on the 22nd floor. She used to be ditzy and friendly and childishly inquisitive about my work. But the pretense was gone now. Marta was Max’s spy, here only to make sure my reports were honest. And why wasn’t she pretending anymore? Because it was over. I hadn’t received official notification that the project was finished, but I felt sure the decision was made. It was a matter […]

The Clinic

Christie Summers drove herself to the clinic. It was a rainy day, but that didn’t stop the protesters. Mostly men, and older, they pressed soggy pamphlets against her windshield with the zeal of panhandling window-washers on the side of the highway. Several pamphlets stuck to the glass. "Every child is precious!" and "How could you do this to your child?" they screamed, before the wipers swatted them away. Christie parked as close to the entrance as she could. An official-looking man in a suit ran out to the car. He […]

In The Ashes

EXT. APACHE – NIGHT The helicopter pulls up a distance away from the JSS compound, it’s silhouette nearly invisible against the night sky from the ground below. NIGHT OPTICS – APACHE A mess of some 15 human forms move about, muzzle flashes popping off constantly, no rhyme or reason to any of it. GUNNER I’ve got an assload of people down there, can’t tell who’s who. PILOT (Hearing SSG Smith’s call in his ear) That’s them on the radio. I’ll grab it, you keep scanning. (A beat) Blackjack 14 this […]