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Roy Griffis

I’ve written short stories, plays, poetry, novels, and screenplays. I’m a member of the Writer’s Guild and a former US Coast Guard Rescue Swimmer, as well as an occasional contributor to PJ Media and other conservative websites.  My novel The Big Bang, Volume One of the Lonesome George Chronicles was published January 20, 2015 by Liberty Island Media.  The sequel “Bring the Fire” will be published in early 2017.  There are three volumes of my “By the Hands of Men” series available (“The Old World,” “Into the Flames” and “The Wrath of a Righteous Man“).  A co-creator of the satiric strip “Truesbury,” I also write and perform political satire with The Right-Wing Riot as “The Prince of Whitebread.”  I live in Southern California with my wife and family.

Click below for some nice things folks have said about my and my various creative endeavors:

According to Taki Magazine, I’m “this enviably talented bastard” (which is, in fact, one of the nicest things anyone’s said about me this century).

PJMedia promoted my Right-Wing Riot project as one of the leaders of the New Counter-Culture (“it’s groovy, man, as long as you pay for it yourself”).

And of my novel The Big Bang, Volume One of the Lonesome George Chroniclesa few kind words have been spilled, too.  Rich Lowry, at the National Review, called it “A wild romp through a post-apocalyptic America unimaginably awful but also highly contemporary. Buckle your seat belts–and prepare to resist.”  Ben Shapiro, NYT best-selling author, said it was “Clever, witty, tense, and a thoroughly enjoyable read!”

There’s more, here and there, but my folks raised me not to brag too much.

“Wayne” on YouTube Red: New Media and the Same Old Crap

The Tropes they are a-samin’

Finally had some time to get back on mission, here. I’d been working hard on the final volume of my By the Hands of Men series and a relaunch of the entire set of books, so stealing a few moments to wallow in cultural dupery was beyond me (why, no, I’m not pimping my own books here, oh no, I never).

When I had a chance to sit down and take the pulse of current culture dupery, as presented by those Delphic Oracles lurking in the mists of the Internet and Cable, I beheld unto myself a new series called “Wayne.”

3 Big Dumb Action Flicks For a Break From the Anti-Kavanaugh Circus

What the hell did I just watch?

Soon, the long national nightmare will be over. Brett Kavanaugh will be confirmed as an Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States (his reputation forever tarnished by the craven cretins of the Democrat party), or he will not.

While I do believe the psycho-drama of the hearings (the psycho provided by the clearly disturbed Dr. Ford, the drama by Kavanagh who chose not to go quietly into that good night preordained for him by the Stalinist Socialists formerly known as the Democrat Party) is an important event, reflective of our culture and the war for America’s soul, I think we also need to step back and take a break.

I mean, with campaign slogans like “You have no presumption of innocence here” and the equally catchy “Accusations are all we need,” the Democrats will be coming for the thought-criminals soon enough.

Therefore, herewith, some dumb fun movies you might have missed (some with, alas, more dumb than fun).

Drive-bys from the Drive-In

Making some snap judgements so you don’t have to…

In this week’s Cultural Dispatches from the Alamo, Griff sets his sights on five recent releases…

The Paper of Record Just Recorded They’re All Right with Racism. Really

Or: “The black people were surprisingly good last night…”

One of my personal failings (well, the only one I feel like admitting) is I have a strong fairness impulse. It was the whole thing, judge people by the content of the character not the color of the skin. My father, who had grown up in the deep South, surrounded by virulent racism, introduced me to the concept, mostly by living it. It was what made me a nascent liberal as a young man.

That belief in fairness was the same thing that drove me away from Liberals. Growing up, my experiences with other kids growing up were a lot like the Woody Allen joke about going to youth camp “…where I was sadistically beaten by children of all colors and creeds.”

Those experiences made it clear to me that “jerk” was a choice limited to any race, sex, or religion. And thus I was rather heretical toward the idea that People of Color were really Saints of Color.

Deplora Boule brings the Savage, Swiftian Satire to the “News”

Narrating the Narrative

On one level, it’s the story of a fairly nice young girl, largely ignored by her mother and estranged from her father, who goes off to college, falls into the clutches of a cult, and proceeds to wreck her life, along with the lives of the few people who really cared for her.

On another level, it’s the bitterly funny story of the way the deeply-deluded and stultifyingly self-important people who should be “reporting” the news take it upon themselves to “make” the news. Or, as the title of the novel suggests, they craft “The Narrative.” Google Dan Rather and “JournoList” for some of the egregious examples that are known to the discerning citizens, to say nothing of the DNC email dump that revealed allegedly objective journalists coordinating and clearing their stories with the campaign of the presumptive next President of the Vagina States of America.

With such a wealth of deserving targets, in less-skilled (or courageous) hands such a novel might be a thunderingly dull polemic –– and Lord knows, there are enough of those around –– but this is both outrageous and wickedly funny.   I say again, The Narrative is wickedly funny, teeing up the self-deceptions of the Woke Warriors of Journalism.

The Peasants Aren’t Just Revolting, They’re Getting Uppity, Too

I wish you’d stop being so good to me, boss

The King was playing cards one day when he heard a very loud commotion outside.  He sent a noble to see what the problem was. The noble races back, “Sire, it’s terrible! The peasants are revolting.”

“Nonsense,” the King said, continuing to play cards. “The peasants have always been revolting.  You mean they’re rebelling.”

America’s peasants are rebelling, and the nobility is not happy about it.

The Fable of Sarah and the Little Red Hen

Or Peddling Chickenshit and Claiming It’s Chicken Salad

Once upon a time a lady named Sarah wanted to go out to dinner. She decided to eat at the Little Red Hen’s restaurant. The Little Red Hen was staffed by the better, kinder, smarter sort of people who knew that Sarah was in league with Satan, and they told Sarah they didn’t want her to eat at their restaurant. Sarah quietly left.

The End

Faith In Our Fathers

The FBI and Journalists’ Collusion to Throw the Election Will Corrode America’s Soul

One of the best books you haven’t read is called Flags of our Fathers. Written by James Bradley, the son of Corpsman John Bradley, one of the six men who raised the flag on Iwo Jima, it is a gripping recounting of the little known fates and history of the men on Mount Suribachi in that most iconic of photographs.

As a boy, young James knew that his father was famous and respected in their little town for something, but since his father would neither talk about the mysterious event and even trained his children to deflect the telephone calls that continually came in asking for interviews, it was not until his father died that the boy learned his father was famous.

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