One of my personal failings (well, the only one I feel like admitting) is I have a strong fairness impulse. It was the whole Martin Luther King thing, judge people by the content of the character not the color of the skin. My father, who had grown up in the deep South surrounded by virulent racism, introduced me to the concept, mostly by the way he lived his life, treating everyone he met with the same courtesy, fairness, and respect.  It was what made me a nascent liberal as a young man.

That belief in fairness was the same thing that drove me away from Liberals. Growing up, my experiences with other kids growing up were a lot like the Woody Allen joke about going to youth camp “…where I was sadistically beaten by children of all colors and creeds.”  Those encounters made it clear to me that “jerk” was a choice not limited to any race, sex, or religion.  Thus I was rather heretical toward the idea that People of Color were actually Saints of Color.

I noticed that Liberals were quick to offer dispensation for the crappy behavior of individuals who could be identified as a SOC. As an adult, I discovered that merely pointing out said excusing of such unacceptable (from anyone not a SOC) actions made me a racist, of course. Silly me, I thought I was being principled. And this was well before I witnessed the amazing moral and political gymnastics feminists were capable of when “their” President (Slick Willie Clinton) was exposed as a serial sexual predator.

But witness it I did, and that was when I realized the Democrat Party operates largely on whims. See, a principle applies to everyone. If an evil Executive of an Evil Capitalist Corporation is bad to wag his Evil johnson at a lower-level female employee (and most people would agree it is bad), then it is just as bad when a powerful Democrat Chief Executive does it, no matter how useful he is to the cause of Abortion Today, Abortion Tomorrow, Abortion Forever.

In today’s more enlightened environment, even something as simple as a single poorly worded tweet is enough to wreck lives and ruin careers. The wise are already reviewing and deleting problematic tweets (excuse me, I’ll BRB). It happened to a reporter who criticized Obama’s daughters’ long faces at a White House event. It happened to Roseanne Barr, whose TV show was canceled based on one lame and frankly stupid joke.

In a principled world, one might expect this to extend to the wokest of the woke.

One would be wrong. Falling back on SuperSecret Rule Number One for Liberal Progressives (kind of like Double Secret Probation), we discover the secret is: “It’s Always (D)ifferent When They Do It.”  This would be the “Whims” in action, as opposed to having principled, consistent standards that are applied equally to everyone.

Look at today’s Wokest Princess, as crowned by the New York Times. Sarah Jeong, a tech writer with impeccable Victim Hierarchy Credentials (she’s a Person of Color and a woman, a solid double play right there), recently joined the New York Times Editorial Board. But it turns out Ms. Jeong had bad Twitter hygiene. She rather liberally (pun absolutely intended) spent her time on that internet platform making “jokes” about people, like this knee-slapper:

Along with other bon mots about funding a study on “whether killing all the white people would make black people safer,” she offers insightful observations on white behavior: “the white people were being surprisingly good last night and the then the rest of them woke up I guess.”

By the way, the descriptor “white” is Ms. Jeong’s, used in a variety of oh-so-respectful ways (many of them captured here.)

When these tweets were revealed, a number of delicate readers suggested that perhaps they disqualified Ms. Jeong from working at The Paper Of Record against Awful (imagined) Republican Racism. Some subscribers even reasoned that had Ms. Jeong’s witticisms been about other members of the approved Victim Hierarchy, she would never have been considered for such a high-profile position.

As expected, when apprised of these facts, the New York Times leapt into action.

Oh, no, they didn’t kick her to the curb. They defended her:

“The alt-right started it” was the reason the Editorial Board decided it was okay for Sarah “I hate white people” Jeong to write for their newspaper. So years (literal years) of racist tweets aren’t a disqualification for working at the New York Times.

Naturally, the rest of the Democrat Party Pravdas lined up behind Sarah Jeong. Salon, Vox, Huffington Post, etc. The Washington Post showed the special kind of insight into our concerns that conservatives have come to depend on them to provide:

That’s not the debate, morons, and the Post knows the reaction from a lot of Americans is not about “making fun.”

The debate is about the double-standard. Anyone on the Left who can manage the least bit of honesty and self-awareness (there are a lonely few of them, ask Alan Dershowitz) knows what would happen to some poor sod with different genitalia and who was melanin-deficient with a history of writing audience-pleasers like “the black people were being surprisingly good last night.” They know said poor sod wouldn’t have time to pack his laptop before being ejected from the building, and he would be hanging from a virtual lamppost before nightfall, while Sarah Jeong and her fellow Woke Warriors would be cheering at justice being done.

The Post tendentiously suggests that Democracy Dies In Darkness. They are implying that the Armaged-Don caused by the election of President Trump is upon us.

The truth is Democracy Dies In the Double-Standard.

It’s just that half of America isn’t willing to accept that horseshit any more.


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Photo by U.S. Embassy New Delhi

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