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‘Mortal Gods: Ignition’: Fight Evil Instead of Surrendering to It

Mortal Gods: Ignition is a collection of three short stories about how superhumans might confront modern challenges and issues in a real-world setting. Multiple themes run throughout the stories but the central theme to the series is this: fight evil instead of surrendering to it. Men throughout history have tried compromising with evil, and even surrendering to it, because they believe that in doing so they can avoid conflict with it or benefit from it. Some men are cowards who think they can bargain their way out of the suffering […]

‘Mortal Gods: Ignition’: One Final Push

Christmas is almost here. And Liberate Liberty is making one final push for readers to purchase Mortal Gods: Ignition. After that, with 2017 only days away, we’ll be ready for the first book of Mortal Gods stories to be on its own, and we’ll move onto focusing on new tales. So for the final push, let’s summarize the short stories of MG:I. "Like Hail and Fire, Mixed with Blood" leads the book. The U.S. has been hit with a massive attack. A foreign intelligence professional for the nation that attacked […]

‘Mortal Gods’ Is Forecasting the Future

Mortal Gods: Ignition collects three short tales focusing on how superhumans might confront real-world issues. And while superhuman individuals might seem like speculative fiction in the extreme, they aren’t that far from reality anymore. Recent information continues showinghow governments and institutions across the globe are working towards creating superhuman people. News and primary sources on research and development that moves superhumans closer to becoming a reality aren’t necessarily common. But dedicated investigation uncovers some serious information showing that it is happening. Armed forces and governments of a variety of nations […]

‘Sodom by the Susquehanna:’ How this Brand New Story Got Its Title

Mortal Gods: "Sodom by the Susquehanna" is a brand new serial story. I published the first chapter yesterday and will continue publishing new chapters on an irregular basis. (It starts with a bang so go read it if you haven’t already done so.) And since it has a bit of a unique title I thought I’d share its origin. The Patriot-News in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania published an article on January 16, 2000 titled, "Sodom by the Susquehanna – Current crop of scandalous exploits recalls Legislature’s corruption troubles of 1970s." Harrisburg is […]

‘Spring Cleaning’

Each spring, I wait for the tree pollen to finish up its annual pollution and then open up the windows and dust off the winter stench that had invaded my home for the past few months. Then I dust off the lawnmower in preparation of four (or five or so) months of beheading dandelions. The bees come out and start buzzing around the back door, having mid-air collisions with the red wasps and yellow jackets. Whiffle bats are great for those critters. Nailing one of those pests in mid-air has […]

‘Suicide Squad’ and How I’ve Turned the Villain-as-Hero Concept on Its Ear

Suicide Squad reviews might not be positive but current assessments forecast the movie to have a strong financial opening. And this film about a group of lawbreakers is a reminder that Hollywood loves portraying bad guysas protagonists. Meanwhile, I’ve flipped this concept on Hollywood by taking a type of person itabsolutely hates and making him into the hero of my fiction. Read my column at Hollywood in Toto on Mortal Gods: Ignition and Preacher in case you’re worried this is going to be a diatribe against Hollywood. Like I write […]

"If he does that, he will be the greatest man in the world."

Today is the anniversary (December 23, 1783) of George Washington tendering his resignation as Army commander-in-chief before the Continental Congress, assembled at the Maryland state house in Annapolis, where he said "Having now finished the work assigned to me I retire from the great theater of action." He wanted nothing more than to go back to Martha and Mount Vernon for Christmas, as he had promised her so many years before. It was only three months after the signing of the Treaty of Paris, formally ending the American Revolution. Caesar […]

&quot…As if They Were Wiser Than God.&quot

If anyone ever had a shot at establishing some kind of socialist utopia, it was the Pilgrims. There were only a little over a hundred that landed, and by the end of the first winter half of them had died, so this was not a group unmanageable by sheer number. Most were of one mind in their Separatist faith, and even the "Strangers" among them knew well the religious notions of those with whom they had shipped and cast their lot. Furthermore, their contract with the "Adventurers" (i.e. investors) provided […]