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Our First &quotComic Book&quot

Davy Crockett’s Almanack first came out while the frontiersman was alive, and after his famous death at the Alamo, we would say today that "it went viral." In it, he would ride bears and alligators into battle, shoot lightning from his eyes to blow up British ships, and perform all kinds of wonderously absurd feats […]

On Memorial Day

Memorial Day is our nation’s most solemn holiday. On this day we honor those who gave their lives in the service of our country. Like every veteran of Iraq and Afghanistan, I have a personal story about far too many of those who made this ultimate sacrifice. Today I’d like to honor one of them. […]

On Maliki and Iraq

I can probably count on one hand the number of times I’ve (a) written the following sentence and (b) not been talking about George Will: This is a brilliant column in the Washington Post. I haven’t met Ali Khedery, at least I don’t ever recall doing so, but having spent a significant amount of time […]

On Freedom and Dystopia (Spec. Fiction Cantina)

Back in May (oh how the time flies!), I had a great time talking to S. Evan Townsend of Speculative Fiction Cantina online radio show. You can check out the podcasthere. Sadly, Ms. Pembroke Sinclair, whose photo appears in the slider, had an abrupt change of plans, so my intrepid host was stuck with yours […]

On Censorship

The topic of censorship has been heating up lately, both in the writing word and the wider cultural sphere. Hence, my obligatory 2 kopecks, keeping in mind that people far more eloquent than I have contributed to the discussion over the last few weeks. First, the relevant technical definition, from Oxford English Dictionary: Definition of […]

Nymphing The Green Weenie!

Dates are few and far between when you have four little ones. So when a business acquaintance introduced my husband to fly fishing out West, he came home and suggested we take a lesson together. We scheduled a professional lesson with Rob Lepczyk, a certified Orvis instructor from nearby Great Feathers fly shop. Not only […]

Not even Ted Cruz may know just how true his remarks about New York values were

Question: Which group has the most corruption in it and a higher percentage of Bozos who don’t really know what they are doing, politicians or farmers? The answer is obvious, and it tells you all you need to know about the differences between New York values and Traditional American values. Farmers have to depend upon […]

Nod from Bookworm Room

Got a nice nod over at conservative blog Bookworm Room!

No Free Lunch

I collect things. It’s a habit that my husband finds less and less amusing the longer we are married. But my humble collections serve to stimulate the kids artistically and pique their interest in simple things…vintage canning jars, hand-thrown pottery, antique books, natural fabrics, and now, hens. These items benefit our family and home…each object […]

On Shame and Shakedowns

I just counted the tabs that appear across the top of my computer screen, those websites that I check regularly, and I seem to have fourteen, not counting OakTara (my publisher), Amazon, and Goodreads. Seven are websites I maintain, adding new content on a regular basis, and seven are sites to which I occasionally submit. […]