Mortal Gods: Ignition is a collection of three short stories about how superhumans might confront modern challenges and issues in a real-world setting. Multiple themes run throughout the stories but the central theme to the series is this: fight evil instead of surrendering to it.
Men throughout history have tried compromising with evil, and even surrendering to it, because they believe that in doing so they can avoid conflict with it or benefit from it.
Some men are cowards who think they can bargain their way out of the suffering that evil always brings. They believe that if they appease it, evil will leave them alone and they can continue living their cowardly lives.
Other men lust for evil, and they throw their lot in with it in hopes of bringing great pleasure and power to themselves. They often pretend to be against evil as they side with it. They try to deceive others into believing they want to do the right thing. They loudly proclaim that their compromising and surrendering to evil is in the best interests of obtaining peace and prosperity for all. They easily lie, and say that those who want to fight evil are warmongers and the actual evildoers. Many people fall for their lying.
Regardless of why men do it, compromising with evil or joining it is wrong. It always ends in misery, pain, suffering, and more evil. Confronting it and vowing to fight it until it is destroyed is the right thing to do. . . .
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