Dear Gov. Brown-
Thank you from the bottom of my cold bleeding heart. It’s about time men realize that every unsavory
sexual advance or encounter is their fault by the simple fact of anatomy. Radical feminists have been touting
this fact for decades and this mother of two daughters is finally at peace knowing
that responsibility of questionable canoodling is no longer on the shoulders of
young women. Our girls can finally
go out into the world knowing the correct way to enjoy themselves without
concern for their own safety.
Post-pubescent females should have every opportunity to
experiment with random men during their college years without considering the
consequences of trusting men they do not know well enough to be alone with. I can see nothing but promise for the
advancement of women following the enactment of a pivotal bill such as "Yes
Means Yes".
It is absolutely your duty as the stronger of the species to
know the difference between a tipsy female and a drunk female. Not to mention, if the two parties are
equally inebriated, that any sexual act committed within an unestablished time
frame is also entirely the fault of the male involved, and he is absolutely
guilty of a sex crime.
Because of your leadership and steadfast commitment to
women’s issues, morning-after-buyers-remorse
and regret following lackluster interface with less than stellar lovers is now
reversible. College aged boys will
quickly fear lack of enthusiasm or verbal reinforcement by a female before,
during, and after sex. After all, ayoung
woman unfamiliar with her own sexuality in the exploratory years should not have to say "no" or attempt to thwart an advance that she is
undecided about. How is a girl to
know what she likes until she knows otherwise?
All heterosexual sex is potential rape and as the great
feminist Catherine Commins stated, "Men who are unjustly accused of rape can
sometimes gain from it." I wholeheartedly
concur. It is irrelevant whether a
man is guilty of rape or not. The
important thing is that those who do commit rape are convicted. Females must remain the victims in
every case, regardless of truth, and I am beyond delighted to see that the
progressive state of California is finally taking the lead with this legislation.
As an aside, the term "sexual act" was not defined in the
legislation, which in my opinion is pure genius! But in order to close any legal loop holes for defendants, may
I suggest a handbook entitled "A Co-Ed Guide to Sexual Activity" to be
published, outlining all known sexual acts and how our young ones may correctly
engage in them. The handbook would
ideally be very specific and quite long so the male students are less likely to
read it and therefore more likely to be found guilty. The handbooks could be distributed during orientation when
the students are already inundated with paperwork and other useless
My hats and panties off to you (Psyche!) and Senator Kevin de Leon for pushing this
bill to victory!
Most Sincerely-
ALifetime N.O.W. Member