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New Fiction: Ishka’s Garden

An Honorable Mention from The Heroes Half of The Contest

Beneath the alabaster arches over my narrow windows, something flutters against my curtains, interrupting my reading. I squint toward the sound as I rub my earpoints. They’re sore from concentration. I’ve spent my half-day studying the techniques recorded in the leather-bound journal of a master arborist.

A tree in my garden needs pruning before the Moontide festival. The tree that I’ve come to think of as Seesha’s Tree. My little friend will be so pleased with her new home. Fesh designed it well and picked the perfect branch. The two of them favor my Mergone and not many Fae can say a pair of the winged creatures live nearby.

New Fiction: Ringside at the Circus of the Fallen

An Honorable Mention from The Heroes Half of The Contest

Robert was waiting at Zinnia Hotel, well up in the rather barren hills north of Burbank, that evening in early spring 1937. He was to meet a friend at the Grill, the hotel’s bar and curving dining room, when a foursome had arrived to take a booth. The two men and two women –– a somewhat Rubeneseque matron and a wide-eyed olive-skinned young girl who could scarcely have been sixteen, both of them overdressed for the room –– slid into the bench seats, the women on the inside while the men bookended them on either side.  They seemed an odd group for this nightclub.

New Fiction: What Hath God Wrought?

The Runner-Up of The Villains Half of The Contest

“Gentlemen, please, if I might have your attention.  Is everyone present?  There ought to be ample room for all of your colleagues, if you could please muster here, in the main hall.  Yes, if would organize yourselves into serried ranks, the spacing will be more efficient, as when a grocer packs oranges.  This is the first principle of an army, even an army of dedicated newspapermen and radio journalists such as yourselves.  Please refrain from jockeying for a better position.  The acoustics of the room have been designed so that I shall be perfectly audible to all of you from this dais.  Indeed, Ignacy Paderewski entertained us here at the Tesla factory once, and from the back of the room, you could discern the faintest pianissimo.  The mazurkas danced through the air and the polonaises crashed like thunder.  Evanescent strains of beauty illuminated the room like tendrils of energy from one of my oscillators.  It was a memorable evening that transported all of us, for a brief few hours, to an idealized world, almost as though it had been synthesized in a laboratory.”


New Fiction: The Bigfoot

The Runner-Up of The Heroes Half of The Contest

The Bigfoot would be an unlikely hero. He didn’t know that, but then he didn’t know what a hero is. For that matter, he didn’t know that he was a Bigfoot, or that the Cherokee who once lived in these same mountains called him and his kind Tsul ‘Kalu.

He thought of himself and his family, and the other Bigfoot families in the most remote reaches of the Blue Ridge and the Smokies as the People, although he didn’t really have that word, or any words. A paleontologist would have called him a Panthropus robustus, but he didn’t know that either.

The Heroes Vs Villains Writing Contest’s Final Fight

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Announcing the winners, runners up, and honorable mentions from last year’s contest.

New Fiction: The Problematic Journey of Mr. Scratch

The Winner of The Villains Half of The Contest

Read this story and the winner of the Heroes contest and then cast your vote here for which story should triumph.

New Fiction: The Gift

The Winner of The Heroes Half of The Contest

Read this story and the winner of the Villains contest and then cast your vote here for which story should triumph.

Trigger Warning Writing Contest: The Winner, Runner Up, and 6 Honorable Mentions

The launch of our new website interrupted publication of the honorable mentions in our Spring Shock “Trigger Warning” Writing Contest. Here they all are:

Grand Prize Winner:

Honorable Mentions

  • “Choice of Tech” by Bokerah Brumley
  • “Nothing Like It In the World” by David Walls-Kaufman
  • “Right In The Childhood” by Josh Lieblein
  • “India Summer” by Mark Ellis
  • “From the Notebook of Norman Dornan, Father of the Stomach Condom” by Frederic Himebaugh
  • “Comeseemenow” by Aaron Smith
  • The ‘Hotter Than Hell’ Heroes Vs Villains Summer & Fall Fiction Contest

    Moses Vs Pharaoh. David Vs Goliath. Odysseus Vs Poseidon. He-Man Vs Skeletor. Mario Vs Bowser. Most great stories that have shaped humanity from ancient times to the present have depicted the noble hero’s conflict with an intimidating villain. And that’s what we’re looking for at Liberty Island.


    An Honorable Mention in the 2017 Spring Shock Trigger Warning Writing Contest.