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Ken Lizzi

Ken Lizzi is a lawyer and writer living in Oregon with his beautiful wife and daughter. His goal is to put the pulp back in fiction. His other goal is to get used to writing about himself in third-person.

The Caliber of Her Father’s Regard

Runner Up in the Spring contest: Fantastic Fathers & Magical Mothers

The components of the 9-millimeter automatic lay scattered across her workbench like a three-dimensional schematic. “Keep track of your parts,” her father had told her and that advice, at least, had made sense. The pistol was stock, a low-end brand, and sporting no modifications beyond aftermarket grips and iridescent dots on front and rear sights. No surprise the cheapskate owner required the services of a gunsmith now, she figured. A higher end manufacturer would have employed a better grade of steel for the frame rails, and a gunsmith assembling a custom build would have swapped out the rails and channeled longer tracks into the slide.