Contest, Qui audet adipiscitur

A short story I wrote entitled “Resource” appears in the anthology “The Ways of Magic” released last week by Deepwood Publishing, which published another story of mine “Escapement” in the anthology “Ancient New.” So that’s pretty cool. Check it out.

But let’s switch things up a bit, do something a bit different in this web log. I’m going to present a contest in support of neither of the projects mentioned above. Instead let’s focus on my novel “Reunion” from Twilight Times Books. “Reunion” is available digitally now, with the print edition to follow in mid-June. I have a couple Advance Review Copies of the print edition sitting in a box in my library. I would like to send a signed copy to the contest winner. Here’s what I propose: anyone who purchases a digital copy between now and, oh, let’s say Wednesday, April 16th can enter the contest. To enter just send me an email with your digital receipt of purchase, that is, the email acknowledgment you received from Amazon or whatever digital store you bought “Reunion” from. On the 16th I will select a receipt at random (maybe using some polyhedron dice that are gathering dust since I don’t have a D&D game going at the moment) and will mail the winner a signed copy of “Reunion.” Hey, if you win, you get an advance review print edition for less than half the retail price and free shipping. If you don’t then you’ve still got a book to read.

Fine print. Contest limited to United States residents at least eighteen years old. Digital receipt must carry a date of sometime between April 6 and April 16. Odds of winning depend upon the number of valid entries received. Void where prohibited. Swim at your own risk. No life guard on duty.

So there you go. I told you I’d do something different with this post.

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