A new creative counterculture has arisen to boldly challenge the cynicism, nihilism, collectivism, and stifling political correctness of popular culture today.

Our mission is to support this raw and untamed movement by gathering its creators in one place and providing the tools and resources they need to succeed. Specifically:

Independent book publishing opportunities for primarily novels but also nonfiction and other mediums.

Opportunities to contribute to the Liberty Island online magazine.

Networking and dialogue with other like-minded writers and creatives.

At Liberty Island, readers of a conservative or libertarian mindset can find books and an online magazine reflecting their social values and political beliefs. However, Liberty Island’s contributors aspire to reach beyond their ideological peers, creating works that engage with readers of all persuasions in search of exciting new voices and undiscovered talent.

Readers holding a wide range of views can find a home at Liberty Island. We aim to present writers and creators you’ve never heard of and won’t find anywhere else because their views have been excluded from the mainstream popular culture. Think of Liberty Island as a rallying point for the revolt against conformity and groupthink. The new counterculture welcomes the tastes and values of conservatives, libertarians, independents, and even independent-minded liberals who refuse to submit to the mass cultural collective.

At Liberty Island, good still triumphs over evil, hope still overcomes despair, and America is still a noble experiment and a beacon to the rest of the world. Join us.

Counterculture Conservatism: We stand athwart history yelling… “DUDE!”