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Week Twenty-Six: The Foreign Legion

You can read this series from the beginning here. "Justin, we need to talk." "I’m sorry," I said. "Who is this again?" "Robert Lansing," the voice on the other end of the phone said. "Bryan, Lansing and Colby, LLC. We’re the accounting firm that handles the income tax liabilities for beneficiaries of the Fairchild Family Trust. I am speaking to Justin Trudeau-Fairchild, am I not?" "Yes, you are." "And you are a limited beneficiary of the Fairchild Family Trust, are you not?" "I am." "And you’re a senior shareholder and […]

PreTeena March 30-April 5, 2015

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Sideways of the EarthStories About Pugnacious Footefake

One night the moon falls into Pugnacious Footefake’s yard. He meets a frenetic mousefox while taking the census. Two children try to sell him a cup of gravity. An earthly event with a fax machine prompts him to arrange a marriage. He finds himself on a snowy world, with a Princess trapped in ice. A roach starts a conversation with him. And on a summer evening in a forested park, he is kidnapped by a pitiable nymph, who wants to grant him three wishes. Samples BLUE MOON Pugnacious was awakened […]

Noah, Penny

Fyfe says he’s not a guy, not a gal, not a person, just a thing. So he says. He still has arms and legs and hair and teeth and fingers and a nose. He talks and he hears. I’ve pinched his arm, he didn’t like it but he let me, and I know he’s no hallucination. Oh, sure, at first I thought I’d gone totally nuts. I was nuts enough, you know, not insane but nuts enough (because of Noah), so why shouldn’t I start hallucinating? I get myself all […]

And Three Others

A baby appears in a home and no one remembers being the mother. A woman considers an invitation to adultery. A critic reviews an atypically transgressive play. A man finds himself married to a former porn star, a woman he has adored for years. Samples A CONFUSION OF MOMS Well, Betsy, about the only thing we’ve decided for sure, though we really don’t know for sure, but we’ve decided to agree that the baby isn’t Mom’s, since Mom is way past that age anyhow. This made Mom, like, gleeful. "I’m […]

The Spare Midge

A man retrieves his hero from a starship’s virtual storage before that hero can be arrested for murder. Two children fight over an alien rocketship. A member of a crew sent to destroy a distant solar system learns his mother has petitioned for his death. A young man resolves to marry the intimate companion of the artificial Man in the Moon. At birth, a girl is mentally interlaced with her sister Midge; and when she is thirteen, she convinces Midge to save the implanted helper-sentience of a recently deceased warrior. […]

The Giant’s Walk

Canto 1 Hale and well-tempered was Scott Winslow Hale. His body was military grade, and unscarred; his intensity in combat had been not an intemperate fury but an unflappable precision, and those frenetic months against China — as part of the 16th Fighter Squadron, 51st Interceptor Wing — had never made him a daredevil. Fit and level-headed, he was one of a hundred equivalent men chosen for the Astronaut Corps. His exemplary progress as an astronaut had pleased his superiors at NASA, so much so that he was chosen for […]

Week Twenty-Five: The North Imitation

You can read this series from the beginning here. I got the three a.m. phone call a little early, at about two forty-five in the morning. "Get dressed," the person on the other end of the phone said. "Hurry up." "Who is this?" I asked. "There isn’t time," the voice said. "Move. A town car is waiting for you downstairs." And there was a click, and the phone went dead. A normal person would have hung up the phone and gone back to sleep. I am not a normal person. […]

PreTeena March 23-29, 2015

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Don’t Cross the Matriarchy

Miss Chary nodded, then frowned. "I think I can see your reasoning on how your matriarchy helps older women," she said, "but what about all the rules for younger women? Don’t you think that they were designed by men? Anxious fathers, at least?" "To a degree," nodded Thornton, "but for the most part they are to protect younger women and designed by their elders. You said a moment ago that and elderly man running off with a young woman is almost a cliche, and that there must be some sweets […]