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Was it on the wheel that they broke you down, Arched back to the limit of endurance? Or before a court of fearful renown, The enforcers of faithful observance? Was it hunger’s anvil that bent your mind, Or the cold desolation of a cell? Or did a caustic shame dissolve your pride, Before their harness […]

PreTeena April 24-30, 2017

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Mortal Gods: “HVT”

Chapter 7: He whipped his assault pack off his back and unzipped it. He plunged his hand inside and grabbed the biometrics equipment. The device was about the size of a large camera that a professional photographer might use. He moved quickly and simultaneously counted down time in his head. 30, 29, 28. . . […]

The Stought Brothers: “The Mystery at the Market”

Chapter 6: Heathcliff looked down at the hole he had torn in his pants. He had slid feet first into the base during one of the times he was runner. That ripped the material in the knee of the left leg of his pants. He looked over at Reggie who took off the plain ball […]

PreTeena April 17-23, 2017

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The Stought Brothers: “The Mystery at the Market”

Chapter 5: Two days after Reggie and Heathcliff had first visited Dan they did so again. They all were ready to play pickle again as soon as the Stought brothers arrived at Dan’s house. After about an hour of play, it was Dan’s turn to be the runner again. Reggie and Heathcliff were the fielders. […]

Mortal Gods: “HVT”

Chapter 6: He didn’t hesitate for more than a second before diving forward into the expanse. He flew straight down towards his ground target. It was familiar and odd at the same time. Flying didn’t feel much different. Yet at the same time, he was in space and could see the blackness of it along […]

PreTeena April 10-16 2017

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Mortal Gods: “HVT”

Chapter 5: Ms. Benton, Ms. Venter, and Mr. Serna joined Adam as everyone exited the briefing room. The four of them began walking towards the G-4 office. Two younger men, armed with Sig Sauer pistols in holsters on their hips, led them. The younger men were security personnel for the RMD headquarters. They looked like […]

The Stought Brothers: “The Mystery at the Market”

Chapter 4: "You did well, Rasheed," Ahmed Al-Majid told him. Rasheed couldn’t have been happier. This was the first time he met the leader of terrorist group Al-Sayf. "Thank you, Emir," Rasheed said. He called him "Emir" as a title of respect. He also kept his head bowed. Two armed men were in the room […]

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