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Saving Faith

Click here for Patrick Garry’s Website Because of a misguided medical diagnosis as an orphaned child, Jack Fenian was never adopted. Now, two years after leaving the orphanage, he works as a repossessor for a used card dealer. One night, he enters a bar looking for Ev Sorin, whose car Jack has mistakenly towed. Expecting violent anger, he is surprised when Ev reacts with indifference; but as Jack soon discovers, Ev – a disgraced journalist – has bigger problems on his mind. The next day, in the same courthouse to […]


PreTeena I created PreTeena because I wanted to explore the real differences between the two times in my early life when I was happiest: 5th grade, and 8th. I loved being a 5th grader: school was fun, friends were many, Mom and Dad stayed politely in the background, summer and winter were equally full of adventure and entertainment. And in 8th grade, make-up, boys, and a curvy new figure suddenly were the most important things in my life. In only three years, I was a completely different person! PreTeena invites […]

Today’s Truesbury

The Progressive Approach to life’s difficulties Click here for "Truesbury" archives and to subscribe to The Right-Wing Riot newsletter. The Right-Wing Riot Going medieval on Doonesbury’s wrinkled Liberal ass since 2014 ************ THAT’S NOT FUNNY! Why is liberal cartoonist Garry Trudeau suddenly lashing out at conservative humorists? Maybe it has something to do with the devilish wit and pointed satire of "Truesbury," a biting parody/rewrite of Doonesbury recently launched by our friends at the Right-Wing Riot. What if, it asks, Trudeau were willing to ridicule Obama as energetically as he […]

Review: The Boston Tea Party Opera

I’m not what you would characterize as a typical fan of opera, be it of the buffa or not-so buffa variety. In fact, when a close friend of mine-who also happens to be a classically trained pianist-asked me whether the opera I intended to see today was dell’arte, I had to make a hasty trip to Wikipedia in order to answer her question. As it turns out, it did include a number of masques, all of which had either practical or symbolic significance, although it didn’t rely upon stock characters, […]

Stuck in the Middle with JewsBy the Intifada Singers – To the tune of Stuck in the Middle with You.

Well, I know why I shot rockets tonight Got the feeling I want Israel alight I’m not scared they might explode premature I’m lusting for the virgin allure Hezbollah to left of me, Hamas to the right, Here I am, stuck in the middle with Jews Yes, I’m stuck in the middle with Jews, And I know just what it is I should do It’s so hard to keep this smile from my face, Losing control, body parts all over the place Hezbollah to left of me, Hamas to the […]

Peace Drain

Now I’ve been Osama lately, thinking about the good things he’s done And I believe it must be, miracles have begun Oh I’ve been apostate lately, dreaming about the 12th Imam And I believe it will be, some day he’s going to come Cause right on the edge of Israel, there is a peace drain Oh peace drain flush that country, come take me home again Oh peace drain flushing louder Surf down the peace drain Come on now peace drain Yes, peace drain I’m bi-polar Everyone jump down the […]


(Comments and suggestions welcome… Chapters 1-3 posted earlier.) THE FIRE TRAIL, a NovelCopyright Christine Sunderland, 2014 Chapter Four, Zachary Friday morning, around the time that Jessica Thierry was meeting with her advisor on campus, Zachary Aguilar headed for the Fire Trail for a coveted hour of running. He had heard about the murder, but Berkeley was full of such crime and he had grown numb to the news, trusting his own instincts. At twenty-six, he also trusted his own strength. While he was of average height he considered himself fitter […]


An excerpt from Cuernavaca…… Raul took care to park his car several blocks from his destination. Even though darkness had descended on Cuernavaca, he didn’t want to risk curious eyes noticing his visit to this particular address, and his ride was likely the only fire engine red BMW convertible in the city. At least he’d never seen another one. With a fedora pulled down to the middle of his forehead, Raul walked as quickly as he felt he could without attracting attention. Only one car had gone by as he […]

Excerpt from The Man From Empire

Chapter Two continued "You mentioned Second Order Guardian. Explain that." "Well, it’s possible for natural state humans – inoperants — to fulfill a specific list of tested qualifications. Those are First Order Guardians. Even among those who want to be able to defend themselves, most natural state humans don’t bother with all of the requirements – the sword requirement is silly for First Order – but there’s a certain prestige to the title even now. First Order Guardians are natural state humans with extensive training, but no special abilities. They […]