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Michael Sheldon

‘Why Would a Woman Like Judy Cohen Stay Married to An Arrogant Shmuck Like Bill McRae?’

Check out this excerpt from chapter 36, page 145 of Michael Sheldon’s The Violet Crow

A brutal murder stuns the quiet South Jersey suburbs of Philadelphia. No grieving parents come forward to claim the unknown girl’s body, and there aren’t any clues. The police are inexperienced. The local media are casting blame and demanding answers. A mini-culture war is brewing . . .

So what do the civic leaders do? They hire Bruno X, Psychic Detective.

No joke, the guy’s got talent. And a track record. Sure, his psychic shtick is a bit unorthodox. Yet, somehow, he gets results—solving long-forgotten mysteries locked inside the old brick Quaker meeting house, and uncovering closely held secrets hidden within the biotech company whose symbol is the Violet Crow.

‘Adam was a Golem before God breathed life into him.’

Meet Bruno-X, a psychic detective unlike any you’ve ever encountered…

Discover The Violet Crow by Michael Sheldon, an endlessly creative and innovative mystery novel.

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