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PreTeena October 27-November 2, 2014

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Glass Slipper, Believed Enchanted

Ella danced about the kitchen in bare feet, going through the motions of sweeping, but her mind still on the ball. The coach, the dress, the prince–it had been so magical. It didn’t matter if she’d had to run out at the stroke of midnight, only to return to her dreary existence. She’d broken free […]

Forced Conclusion

Roger, dispatch, that’s a 187. Jonah Rathbun sat up suddenly from where he’d been sitting, hunched over a keyboard writing up the obits for the morning edition. It was what the older staffers at the Salem Evening News called the graveyard shift: from 8 p.m. to 4 a.m. Rookie reporters just beginning their careers in […]

About David

In this, his first novel, David Jerome combines two of his passions: travel and comedy writing into one warm and funny travel adventure. Roastbeef’s Promise is loosely based on the author’s experiences while visiting the 48 contiguous United States during the mid 1990’s. Prior to this effort, Mr. Jerome had written jokes for Jay Leno […]

Fear No Evil

When Carla was a kid, movies had taught her that a stab to the kidney would trigger a death so painful the victim couldn’t even scream. She had gotten the kidney of the terrorist named "Al" with the first stab. He stiffened and fell, but didn’t cry out even as she continued stabbing. This was […]

Debilitating Democracy: Power From the People

Dear Purefoy, What I meant about the symbolism thing is simply this: one of our states has as its motto the words Esse quam videri–“to be rather than to seem.” It is just the opposite. The father of one of our best understood the difference when he groomed his offspring to see that what is […]

Debilitating Democracy: Power From the People

Dear Purefoy, I was very pleased to receive your call. In this day and political climate I must send my consultations by snail mail, as electronic and digital media simply provide unacceptable possibility for interception, and with the matters I will be advising you, we can ill afford anyone looking over our shoulder. In the […]

Going to Hell With Fozzy MacBell

The following story is fictional and does not depict any actual person or event. Senate Bill 1696, the Women’s Health Protection Act, is an actual law, currently being under discussion. Going to Hell With Fozzy MacBell Foster “Fozzy” MacBell greeted the press outside the prison with a large smile, genuinely happy to have been cleared […]

Week Six: The Cantor Division

You can read this series from the beginning here. "Settle down," Polly said. "I am serious. Settle down. All of you. I know you’re excited about the Cantor primary, but we have work to do." I had made it to work on time for a change, despite staying up late to follow the election returns […]

Chapter 2 of A Girl, A Dog, A Boat by Audie Cockings

A Girl, A Dog, A Boat fiction by Audie Cockings Chapter 2: Mrs. and Major Todd Wynne Mom wanted to stay. She knew exactly what I was feeling. Unspeakable loss. She had much of that in her life. Much more than mine. She lost both her very young parents in a car accident. And of […]