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PreTeena May 30 – June 5, 2016

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6 World War II Adventure Stories for Memorial Day Weekend

It’s Memorial Day this Monday, May 31, and so we present a collection of World War II stories published at Liberty Island over the years. Why does the heroism of World War II stand out so much today as a unique opportunity for creative writers? Is it the nature of the enemies the West fought […]

PreTeena May 23-29

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PreTeena May 16-22

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The Summer of Love Writing Contest

It is often said that Summer is for Lovers. What’s less often remarked is that every four years in America summer is for politics – and never more so than in 2016. So as we enter the warmer months and passions are running high (both in head and in heart) our latest short story contest […]

Week Eighteen: The Taco Bowl

"Oh, come on," Polly said. "It will be fine." "I don’t know about this," I said. "It doesn’t seem like a very good idea." "We’re just going out to get lunch," she said. "That’s all we’re doing, like anyone else would on a random Thursday. And we’re getting Mexican food, which is yummy and delicious." […]

PreTeena May 9-15 2016

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Here’s How to Challenge the Climate Alarmist Narrative

One of the most pervasive and pernicious of all narratives — and one that is in dire need of challenging — is that of climate alarmism. The climate alarmist narrative reads as follows: All manner of disasters around the world are attributable to “global warming,” “climate change,” or “climate disruption,” and the antidote is to […]

Week Seventeen: The Refugee Crisis

I stood on the bow of the Fairchild Conqueror as it sailed across the choppy waters of the Caribbean. To my right side (which people who know things about boats call the "starboard" side, for reasons I could not tell you in a million years) I could see the fair island of Cuba as a […]

How David Bowie Kicked Off A One-Man Revolution

Now published by Liberty Island Media and available on Amazon. Here is the beginning of Chapter 1: Baby I dream between the blade and the tongue Of the rose on your cheek, the wounded and dumb These lines, crooned out in a slinky reptilian voice over crashing drums, a loping bassline, and a guitar pattern […]