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Week Twelve: The Maple-Leaf Rag

THE NEW YORK TIMES – MARCH 12, 2016 In New Jersey, Liberal Insurgent Runs On Canadian Themes HANOVER, N.J. –Justin Trudeau-Fairchild is not Canadian, but you’d never know it. “I’m not the Justin Trudeau that’s Prime Minister of Canada,” Trudeau-Fairchild said in talking to supporters here in this rural burg in northwestern New Jersey. “My name’s just similar, that’s all.” Trudeau-Fairchild, the son of billionaire hedge fund owner Charles Fairchild, has announced his intention to run for Congress in the Thirteenth District of New Jersey, which encompasses rich farmlands and […]

PreTeena March 28 – April 3 2016

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Week Eleven: The State Dinner

I had three events that day, which made it the busiest day on the campaign schedule so far. I had a morning meeting with the Hanover County Sierra Club about water quality. They’d seen my commercial where I said that I’d fight for clean water, which they were of course also interested in, and decided that they needed to tell me everything that went in to making water dirty. I learned how to pronounce "trichloroethylene," for one thing. Then in the afternoon, I had to make the drive over to […]

A Beating in Bremen

"At least by analogy," Hans was saying in a low hoarse growl to the two others, Willi and a man named Muller, who stood on either side of him in a doorway across the street from Cafe Frieden on Helenenstrasse, the main drag of Bremen’s hooker neighborhood, nominally regulated and patrolled by the city’s finest. "By analogy with the kind of peace we have with those apes, this place is aptly named." "I still have my doubts," Muller could not help himself. "My people," Hans muttered, shaking his head, "my […]

PreTeena March 21-27 2016

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Week 10: The Negative Ad

"Are you sure this is going to actually be on?" Emma asked. "Positive," Polly said. "I got a tip from a source at the cable office. It was a very targeted buy. They’re only running for a week on basic cable." We were in my living room, watching a show on a channel called TBS, which I’d never seen before. They were showing a re-run (Polly had to explain to me what that was) of a popular situation comedy called The Big Bang Theorem, or I think that’s what it’s […]

Wish I Would Have Said Hi

I wish I would have said hi. But discomfort. At a greeting’s aftermath. Words fail. Awkwardness of extrication. Certain questions. You might ask. Answers lacking. Emotional stamina near empty. Busy street. You most likely wouldn’t have recognized me. Twenty five years. Or more. I admired you. I was little. You were my teacher. Kind and helpful. And strong. Often reprimanded me. Justifiably. Warms my heart now. How many know me now, for as long as you do? I decided to go back. To say hi. You had already gone. Shame. […]

3 Excerpts from Marina Fontaine’s Chasing Freedom

Freedom is lost, but not forgotten. In 2040s America, civility is prized above truth, conformity above free expression, and “green” living above basic human needs. Most have given up, too busy trying to survive in a country where life is cheap and necessities are scarce. Yet even in the midst of drudgery and despair, unbroken spirits remain. Will they find the freedom they desire? Or will the cost of defiance prove too high to bear? Chasing Freedom is now available here on Amazon. Excerpt #1 From Chapter 1: The Delinquents […]

PreTeena March 14-20 2016

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Week Nine: The Sucker Punch

"I just can’t believe you’re watching this," I said to Emma. "Quiet," she replied. "Nobody is making you watch it." "I think it’s important to take a stand about certain trends in our popular culture," I said. "If you’re going to watch television shows that are that intentionally biased and non-diverse, I have a responsibility to say something." "Hush," Emma said. "I’m not going to hush. Why should I?" "Because I asked you to, and because I am your fiancee, and I’m carrying your child, and if you don’t let […]